Ideas/Planning..Possible Career Change

An idea came to me a couple of days ago while talking with my sister. I was thinking of ways I can make money and do something that will interest me and also be a fun and interactive career. So my “BIG IDEA” was to go to culinary school after I finish my associates degree in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management and after that obtain a Business Degree or partner with someone who has a business degree and open a Clean Eating (Paleo Lifestyle) Catering Company. All the food will be freshly cooked and of course handmade for that extra touch of home. I was thinking of also doing different seminars/conferences on this type of lifestyle so people can become more aware of what it is all about. The catering company will be a company that cooks foods for families and then my company will personally deliver meals to people’s houses daily at what overtime they choose. I am so excited about this and I am really thinking of doing this. I believe that this could be a life changing type of lifestyle and company. It will of course be a green company because we are promoting a clean/green lifestyle. I am really hoping to do this. I have so much plans but this is the first plan that I have actually made that seems to be realistic 🙂 Yay to making amazing plans!!!