Why am I holding on? We knew this day would come, we knew it all along!

Tonight as I sit here at 1am I am just thinking back to 2010 the ending of the summer two days before I leave for the University of Hartford. I was asked a question that I didn’t answer well I was to afraid to answer. I wonder how my life would have been today if I had just said “yes” Gosh sometimes the mistakes we make only if I could go back to two years ago and just tell this person “yes” I always think about what could have been? The what if moments in my life lol. I love that God is a God is a God of multiple chances aww man I so thankful for that because sometimes I make such stupid decisions and regret them so much but then God always takes the stupid decision I make and a crazy but cool outcome reveals itself. Well in this case I don’t think there will be any second chances with this person because since then a lot has changed. I can’t even talk to them anymore because I just feel so bad for leaving them there without an answer. If I am ever asked that question again the answer will be “yes” A thousand “yeses” lol!