Tori Kelly has one of the best new voices of today!


The video you just watched is from Tori Kelly if you haven’t heard of her seriously put down everything head on over to iTunes or Youtube and check her out. I previously wrote a blog post about her EP and since then so much has happened it feels like literally over midnight she has done so much. On Wednesday night she performed to a crowd of about 600 people at her sold out show at The Roxy with Travis Garland. This girl has a flawless voice, her vocals are on point and she is amazing. Her music and voice is full of so much passion and just that chill type vibe. Her vocals are fresh, its new and it’s like no other. No one has a voice like Tori today in the industry. She can be funky at times with it and then she can take her voice to a whole new level cause she’s awesome like that. I absolutely love her ahh fan girling right now. She is so humble it’s crazy how her music reflects who she, to me that is such a rare quality today in many artist. I just love her entire style and her music impacts and reaches all types of people. Also I found out today that she is working with Scooter Justin Beiber’s manager. She is in such good hands it’s crazy how God works. I know working with Scooter she will have more freedom to be herself when it comes to music. Aww man I am so excited about this new season. I am so happy for her. I love watching people who I have followed do awesome things. It keeps me so positive and also hopeful that if I to push and go forth and pursue all my dreams in the end it will be worth it. No matter how small your dream is or what your dream is take it on full force and just do you. I love love Tori Kelly and you guys should to.

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