“If your mind and heart aren’t in accord, step back and go to God about that major decision you have to make today”

I find a lot of people in my life make decisions so crazily when things aren’t going the way they hoped. We live in a world where everyone wants to be in control and if isn’t their way they tend to turn a blind eye to everything else. I just hate the fact that people would prefer to act stupidly and hurt others rather than going to the person or people and coming up with a solution. Life is all about being able to find a middle ground with the people in your life and family but some people don’t know what that means which is just heartbreaking. My heart is constantly breaking because the ones closest to my heart give up so easily. Every one is just ignorant and turn a blind eye to actually trying. I hate the fact that no one wants to change and everyone is just content with where they are in life. God made us and molded us into people who were suppose to fight for what we believed in and also to fight for the right thing. But the world has become lazy and everyone lives with the notion that if you have a problem over time it will fizzle out but sadly nope that is not true. We have to get up and be a generation that wants CHANGE. A generation that wants to see families restored and living in accord to his word. I just wish more Christian people fought for the things that mattered the most instead of just sitting there and waiting for faith to intervene. I believe that for change to occur we must act. We must have the courage and faith that we can do what we want to do and fight for what we want to do. Then because we are actually acting on change and having faith that change can occur  God will guide us and he will see to it that our hearts desires are met.

PS ( Sorry I haven’t updated in so long. I just wasn’t really inspired and didn’t know what to blog about)