It will be all worth it in the end<3

So it’s been a while since I have given you guys an update about what has been going on in my life. The last couple of days a lot has come to light and I thought why not share it with my readers. I have been thinking of moving to Los Angeles to kind of find myself as adult and also learn to be a responsible adult. I currently live with my parents and even though I work and pay my own bills (cell phone and credit cards) I am not really independent. I depend on my parents to cook me meals and I don’t really do much around the house (I’m lazy). I really would love to be able to move out to Los Angeles find an apartment,roommates and live my life and make adult decisions about things in my life. I also want to make this move because it will be the boldest thing I have ever done. I am kind of conservative when it comes to making decisions if it’s risky or not safe enough for me I put it off and give up on my goals. I also wanted to move out to California because I found this amazing school that specializes in Nutrition and Dietetics. I recently changed my major because God placed this amazing idea on my heart. I want to help recovering Eating Disorder patients by becoming a nutritionist/dietician. I know you are probably thinking why just don’t become a therapist. I don’t really want to be only counseling someone who recovered from an eating disorder. I want to do more. I want to be on the food side of their recovering process. As a aspiring nutritionist I feel as though I can help someone who is in recovery more than just being there therapist. I want to be that person outside their family who is on their side when it comes to getting back in the groove of healthy eating habits. I want to be that person who teaches them that food is safe and they don’t have to be afraid or obsess over how much calories. I also want to dive into this career field because one of my passions is to open a Clean Eating catering company and California will be the perfect place to grow all of my produce and also have animals on a farm because the weather is perfect on the West Coast (haha I originally typed West Side). I originally wanted to bring this catering company to the East Coast preferably in Connecticut because the summers there are perfect but the weather in the winter is so unpredictable I wouldn’t want it to be a major flop when it comes to growing my own produce.  I am still pondering on the idea though so it isn’t out the window. I foresee such a successful business when it comes to a Clean Eating Catering company in Connecticut because there isn’t one like it around where I live. The only one I have heard about is one that is based out in Florida. I am excited for all my new plans and ideas for my future. Let’s just cross our fingers and hope and prayer that I get to do all of this and no obstacles will ruin my chance of fulfilling my dreams. So this is all that I have for now. I promise to update a lot more because I have so much stuff in the works for this blog but I will explain all of that in another blog update.

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