I will love you for a thousand years

original_largeEveryday I am alive I see the things I want and don’t want in life. Today I am going to touch on marriage. I am no expert this is simply just my opinion on what marriage should mean to me. I am always changing my mind about marriage. Some days I am like I don’t want any part of it and other days I’m saving pictures of the perfect wedding scenes and imagining what my vows and also who will be the guy to flip my heart upside down. Today I’m all for marriage hahha well I have been thinking about it a lot lately since certain situations in my personal life has come to light. I’m still single but I’m hoping soon I meet that one man that I can see myself with for the rest of my life and totally act a fool, let my guard down with,open my heart and love unconditionally.  Lately I have been witnessing a lot of loopholes in marriages that really should be addressed before you say I do or should he addressed if you start doubting your husband or wife. When you love someone and you are thinking about marrying them or you are already married to them there are so many things that should be certain for sure. The most important thing is that you should love them. A relationship wouldn’t last if there is no love. In my opinion the foundation of any relationship or marriage should be love,trust,compromise,friendship,faith,strength and a bunch of other things. There are also some personal aspects for a successful marriage. First you have to accept  who you are and love yourself. Without having self love you can’t love someone else. You have to be able to find that balance within yourself. Their must be inner happiness because no one can truly make you happy unless its from within. You should also learn to love your spouse and bring out the best in him or her. Your spouse should also do the same. You should be able compliment each other in every aspect of your every day life. A spouse should be able to bring about a good change in each other. You should learn from each others mistakes and grow together as one. You have to be able to sit down and make decisions together and consult God and also each other with every decision you make. As a married person you should become one meaning their shouldn’t be anything that has to separate you in half. You should have that trust and faith in your husband/wife that when there is something going on you can go to your spouse and confide in him or her. As a married couple you should also learn how to give out constructive criticism. Advice and little tidbits that will help and uplift one another not bring down the other person and have them feel like crap or a failure for not doing something right. I’m not saying marriage is perfect or it should be perfect because if you sit there and just watch your husband/wife do something wrong or make wrong decisions without helping them out then you are only harming a situation. Don’t just sit there and be afraid to give constructive criticism (a little disagreement is healthy but bear in mind don’t let it get too out of hand).  As a married couple you should take the time to really get to know your spouse and teach them things about themselves they never knew. Open their eyes to the beauty within themselves and also you. You should strive daily to be a better person for yourself and also your husband/wife. Marriage is a union that should last an eternity so getting to know your spouse should be a beautiful experience.


I simply can’t wait to be married. Thinking about living with the man of my dreams, the man I love and also my best friend is exciting but I also get nervous. I always tend to think about what if I won’t be a good wife or what I never learn the role of a good wife. For now I’m laying all my concerns in God’s hand and trusting and believing that he will pull me through these self doubts. When God sends me my husband I truly hope that his heart is totally sold out for God. As much as I would love to be his first love, his love and relationship with God should be more important and from his relationship with God we can grow and develop our own relationship based on Gods love,faithfulness,forgiveness and promises. I want my husband to be my first and only in everything. I want what we have to be new,unique,genuine and an example to others and our children. I don’t believe in divorce and if you marry the right person you shouldn’t have to worry about trust issues,insecurities or anyone being unfaithful. I’m single and I would love to be in a relationship but I know that when the timing is right God will send me the perfect boyfriend who will also become my husband. I may be a bit old fashioned but I would love my first boyfriend to be my only boyfriend and someday my husband. I am so not into dating around. So I will patiently wait for the one.


In a marriage never forget about  your needs I know a lot of women love to cater and fulfill all of their husbands needs but ladies you do need some “me” time. If your husband truly loves you he will understand.  Also just because you are married doesn’t mean that date nights are over once in a while surprise each other and go out for a spontaneous night on the town or just a quiet little date. Make sure you keep that spark alive. Don’5 get to caught up with the hustle and bustle of life. Age is just a number so act young always and have a great time. Always remember that communication is key in any relationship, keep the channels for communication open and judgement free. Another thing is to always look and feel your best for your husband. Even if he doesn’t mind, you should always look and feel beautiful around your husband. Same goes for the men. The last thing I want to say is don’t forget about the spicy side of a marriage. This is important and a lot of fun. Throw on your best Victoria Secrets and show your man a good time. I promise you he will be happy!! xoxo 🙂