My stitchfix review

So last year I did a Blog Post about this new company that is rapidly making a name for itself. It has features similar to many of the birchbox like companies but instead of getting makeup/beauty samples you get a box of clothing picked and pieced together just for you. First you go the website and request an invite to the website. After you have been accepted you set up your style profile (make sure you know your exact size and measurements to get accurate sizes for the clothes they send you) and  pay set a date for your first stitchfix and pay the $20 fee to have it mailed to your house. When your stitchfix you can pick out all the stuff that you want pay for  it and the best part is the $20 you paid originally you get that back and you can apply it your official purchase. If you decide to keep everything in the box you get the $20 off plus an additional 25% off. Exciting right!!!! If you want you can have it automatically shipped to you every month or just do it whenever you want.

Today my box came and I was so excited i basically ripped open my box and the cute little package it came in. In my box I got 5 items. I got three shirts/blouse, 1 dress and a necklace everything came to a total of $185.50 after all the discounts. (orig. $274.00) I am horrible at taking clothing pictures so I just had to improvise so here is a peek of all the things they sent me.

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 10.07.33 PM

This is the Tulie Betsey Open Back Sweater, it wasn’t my absolute favorite in the box but it was cute. It didn’t fit right making because of the cut of the sweater and my body shape so I didn’t take it. This sweater was priced at $45

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 10.08.04 PM

The second shirt they sent me was an Olive and Oak plaid shirt. I am not a fan of plaids but I just wanted to try out one so i clicked the option for plaids this wasn’t too bad but the only thing is that it ran a bit small I am a Size Large because of my boobs and if I was to buy it I would have to go up a size and i am not wearing an XL just because of my bust. This was priced at $58

lace top

The Eighty Six Easton Lace Yoke Collar Top was my absolute favorite item in the box. Unfortunately I couldn’t keep it because of course my recently enlarged bust made it impossible for me to keep it. I have a weird love for anything lace and button down because it can be dressed up and also dressed down and that is what I loved about this top. If only boobs could have been shrunk I would have totally done that and keep this beautiful piece of clothing. This item was priced at $75.

colorblock dress

They also sent me a dress. It was such a beautiful colored dress but it was just to messy to take a picture of without putting it on and I didn’t really like how it fit me so I decided not to keep it. This was priced at $68.


The last thing in the box was a cute little necklace. They called it a Multi Chain Layered Short Necklace. I kept it because it was the only thing that fit perfectly. I loved how it was a bit different and you can diversify it for a casual look or a business look. This was priced at $28 and after the $20 off I only paid $8.00. Amazing deal right!!! Overall I was satisfied with everything in the box but sad that I couldn’t keep any the cute tops especially the lace top but next month I am totally ordering my stitchfix again and I will do a more in-depth review of what I got. If you are interested you can sign up at and you can have the same opportunity as I had and don’t forget to invite your friends so they can share in this amazingness and you will get $25 credited to you just for invited for a friend.