Music Discovery Tuesdays: My love affair with country music!

Jana Kramer new video for Whiskey is my absolute favorite video this week. I have been a fan of Jana Kramer since her One Tree Hill days. Even though her character Alex on One Tree Hill wasn’t one of my favorites when she first started I grew to love her character when we got to understand who she really was and then she started doing music on the show which was even more amazing. Her first song on the show “I won’t give up” is when i fell in love with Country music. I’ve always enjoyed listening to the occasional country song but her songs made me the genre even more. The lyrics for that song just hit my heart and I knew she was someone who was genuinely in love with her craft and not trying to bust out into the country music scene because there was a market for young female country music singers who sang about their relationships. She has amazing talent and I enjoy listening to her songs. At first I wasn’t a fan of this song “Whiskey” because I’m like why would you sing a song about whiskey but then I listened to it the second time i was like wow “you go girl.” Her songs are the definition of modern day country. It has a bit of that old country roots with that new age country music today. She is one of the most underrated country artists out there. It sucks because she is really talented but whatever. I am a fan of her music and it brings great joy to my heart whenever her song comes on. What are you listening to this week? I am listening to a ton of new music and watching a ton of new music videos this week! Ahh music is so amazing!