Winter Stylspiration

Today everyone is literally obsessed with fashion. Everywhere you go someone is setting their own trend or adding their own style to a popular trend. I just love to watch and observe the fashion around me. It’s so exciting to see how people shop and also how much pop culture impacts our style. I wouldn’t put my sense of fashion into one category because I am inspired and I love a wide range of styles featured today. I have a lot of style inspirations. I love to play it safe with the way I dress and I normally keep it classy casual or comfy casual that I don’t really find my style to be that unique but it’s what I love. In the winter I love a lot of sweaters with funky prints, designs or just logos on them, I am also obsessed with boots, I love leggings and stockings and I also love short pleated skirts, skinny jeans and button down shirts. I love accessorizing with scarves, gloves, hats and some jewelry. I am obsessed with crossbody bags this winter. They are so small and convenient. Today I am just going to show you a peek into my style and also styles I would love to try out for this winter.  What are your winter stylspirations? My favorite look below is the second look “the maxi skirt”. I would never wear Maxi Skirts in the winter just because to me it’s a skirt I would wear in the Spring and Summer to keep me cool because of how long and flowy it is. I just love how the model winterfied the maxi skirt and also the one of the right is a bit more formal but I love how they added pleats and a heavier fabric to it just to make it more appropriate for winter. My second favorite looks are the last two looks with the Peplum and the leather pants/leggings. I recently got leather leggings from Cotton On and really couldn’t find the right top to go with it so I just had to add the picture because it gave me a bit of an idea of how I can dress up my leather pants to make it winter appropriate. I love winter because its a season that you can dress up nice and warm and still bring a bit of your own style to it. I absolutely hate the hoodie and sneaker trend for winter because I just think its lazy and I am so thankful that today there are so many options to pick from to style up your winter wardrobe. It’s so amazing!!! I love winter fashion. What are some of the styles you are wearing this winter?

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All pictures were found on Tumblr under the tags “Winter Fashion”, “Leather Leggings”, “2013 Fashion”