Valentine’s Day Outfit 2

Valentine's Day Outfit 2

Valentine’s Day is two days away (counting today and tomorrow). I hope you guys enjoyed yesterday’s valentine’s day outfit suggestion. Today’s outfit is more dressy. You can totally wear a look like this to a fancy and expensive city restaurant or your local high end restaurant. I decided to do two looks in this post because we have a lot of girls who love the one shoulder dress look and then we have the more conservative ladies who would love the teal skater dress. I also added to different types of shoes so if you want to look really cute but be comfortable you can wear flats and if you want to be sexy and don’t care about comfort you can wear the Christian Louboutins Highness. Also don’t forget to accessorize. I believe there is no such thing as too much accessories. Arm and wrist candy is in style now meaning people are layering their jewelry for that more dramatic look. I also added a hair accessory for the yellow dress. I think a yellow flower would look perfect. Hope you like today’s look tune in tomorrow for look number 3. xx<3


Yesterday’s Valentine’s Day Outfit