Life lessons during trying times

As I got older, I realized and understood this one saying all to well “God doesn’t give is more than we can handle.” This little saying is life, it  small but it has so much truth and meaning behind it that in life when we are going through trying times we often forget that God even exist and we often forget the little words he has placed in our lives as little uplifting sentiments to get us through anything. In life God always answers our prayers no matter how small it is, he answers it. He answered one of my prayers I wrote in my prayer journal a couple months ago and I honestly forgot I wrote it because I have since misplaced that book and can’t find it. (Sad face) This particle prayer I wrote I asked God to break me down to my core,strip me of all that I am used to,teach me a lesson and then lift me up. Honestly I forgot I even wrote this but recently life has just been so trying. My emotions and life has been literally been everywhere. I know this was a crazy thing to ask for but if you only know me you would understand why. I am someone who tend to take a lot for granted and I am also someone who gives up when I feel like there is no hope and I really need god to strip me of all of that so why not I wrote in my prayer journal  and he is slowly making transformations in my life. I can’t say it is easy because most nights when he reveals a side of me to myself or a family members true nature, I tend to fall asleep most nights with my pillow all wet and just weeping and asking God the question why. It’s not easy when God literally strips you and shows you who you are and what you need to change in your life and literally some days I feel like giving up but I know if I do I’ll be letting the devil win and people who speak negativity upon my life they will be satisfied.  I know with his strength, his love,his faith,his mercy and his belief in me I can make it through these trying times.

I also wanted to take a moment to share a few things God has been opening my eyes to! God has been teaching me and showing me that happiness is within. You can’t be happy unless you yourself are happy. Happiness doesn’t start around you it starts within you. He has also been teaching me and constantly reminding me that I am beautiful even though some days I literally don’t feel it at all. He has also been revealing to me true natures. True natures within myself and the people around me. This one is the worst revelation of them all. I am seeing that not every one has nice things to say even if they claim to love that person. He is showing me how anger can slowly turn into hate. He is also showing me that people do lie even when the truth is in plain sight. Lastly he is showing me how pride is truly our greatest downfall. We always let our egos and pride get in the way of us doing the right thing. I simply just wish people including myself would recognize this.

Here is a little song that absolutely wrecked my heart. Hope you enjoy.