✭ My Stitchfix Review #2 ✭

My second stitchfix came on Monday afternoon and I have one word for it AMAZING!! This second box was such an improvement from the first box even though I didn’t get any jewelry this time. (sad face 🙁  ) This time they sent me four different shirts to pick from and one dress. I loved everything in the box and had to restrain myself and only pick one item from the box. My rule is since I’m on a budget  no matter how much I love the things in the box I can only pick one.

1. My favorite piece of clothing from the box was the Owen Stud Collar Detail Sheer Top from Sweet Rain priced at $48 but I only paid $28. I am a sucker for blouses that have studs on it so when I saw that they sent this to me I felt like ladies over at Stitchfix read my mind. This top was perfect and I can wear it a lot at work since black is one of the must wear colors at my job.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 1.02.15 AM

2. They also sent me floral tank which was so beautiful but because yours truly is a college student on a budget I couldn’t keep it (one item rule). Anyway this top was really pretty and it was something different well for me. I don’t normally wear floral prints but I will be visiting Forever 21 this weekend to see if I can find one similar and cheaper. The Tulip Back Floral Printed Tank by Mystree was priced at $58 ($38 after the $20 styling fee discount). It really is a beautiful shirt and it had fit perfectly too.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 1.17.51 AM

3. They also sent me a dress it was pretty but a bit too big and long. I love my dresses above the knee or shorter lol. The Spencer Striped Jersey Dress by Downeast was priced at $48. This would have been the perfect summertime dress you know but sadly it was too long and big on me.

Screen Shot 2013-03-13 at 1.26.09 AM

4.The Terrace Stripped Knit Split Back Top by Blu Pepper was my first pick and I instantly feel in love with the color and just the style of the shirt just stood out for me. I had an outfit and everything already picked out to go to with the top but when I tried it on I was so disappointed with how it fit. I can’t really describe it but I believe the front of this shirt should have been made to be loose fitted and not so clingy to your skin. It was my size and I had no trouble with putting it on but I just didn’t like how it fit. I still however gave it a good rating because it was a cute top.

peach top 1

peach top back

5. The Scarlet Drop Sleeve Sweater priced at $48 was a really cute little sweater that you can wear basically everywhere. I wasn’t really to excited about this sweater because I don’t really like how they fit me so I passed on this one.


I was really happy with this box and I am so happy that I decided to order another stitchfix. The second time around the wait was probably just around 1 week so I wasn’t sitting at home impatiently waiting for my box of goodies to arrive. Thank You Alexandra for picking out my clothes and making me one happy customer. xx<3



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