It’s better to feel pain than nothing at all.

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Today’s Coachella artist spotlight goes to The Lumineers. I know you have probably heard their song Ho Hey on the radio and also your favorite TV shows and commercials. I first heard this song on Tumblr I would say sometime around early last year. This song started my mini obsession with pop folk music that began to trickle its way onto the popular radio stations and scoring high on the billboard and iTunes charts. I had never listened to this type of music but kind of got into when Bethel Music had released their Loft Sessions album. For me it was kind of like the same type of vibe and I heard where elements from folk music stylings were borrowed but also modernized with both albums. Anyway back to the Lumineers….. I was a point in my life where I was tired of hearing dance techno music on the radio; I love it still but I was looking for music with more depth and also I was looking for something more from the music I listened to. Listening to the Lumineers made me happy I can’t deny it. I wanted to have a bonfire and like get a ukulele and some drums and totally have a jam session with some friends (sadly never happened lmao) but anyway the music really inspired me to jot down some lyrics with elements of folk and throw in some soul. (Hope that made sense) I was so excited when I saw that they were performing at Coachella because omgsh their music is perfect for this music festival. You guys who are going to Coachella are so damn lucky. Some of the artists that emerged last year had some really amazing music and I was so happy to see a lot of them get the recognition they deserved at the Grammy’s. Hope you guys love The Lumineers as much as I do. xx