Let my life be the proof of your love❤

I first heard this song last week and it just touched my heart in a special way and it has been on repeat ever since. Lately I’ve been listening to Christian Radio on the iHeart Radio app (my new obsession) and when this song came up I instantly was alert and this song had my full attention. I just love the line when he sings “Let my life be the proof of your love” The song to me reminds me of how much we need love and without love our life is meaningless and basically without Gods love, anyone’s love and even self love our lives are worthless. I just love how such a simple song can have such a impact on my life. It’s so funny because last week I found the bible verse from The Message that they used in the song and I loved it so much; then hearing that they used the same bible verse in the monologue part of the song wrecked my heart. I love this song so much. Here his the bible verse from the song. Enjoy xx