The Perfect Gold Watch

After months and months of searching the perfect gold watch I finally found it. I have been to almost every store looking for the perfect gold watch. There were so many cute and affordable gold watches but they weren’t the right shade of gold I was looking for. The gold was either way to dark or too light and the quality of the watch didn’t match the price they were throwing at me in the store. I finally had some extra time on my hands on Monday and decided to go to Target to just get some necessities. Girls you know if you are a Target shopper make sure you have a little extra on hand because there is no way you will be sticking to your list once you get to browsing in Target. Its like that magical store that whispers to you “get this, shop more, you definitely need this” I went browsing in their jewelry section to just see what they had  and its so funny because when I go to target I normally just pass that section and go to my favorite section the Home Furnishing section or the food isle. So when I was browsing their jewelry section I found a set of beautiful watches I was literally in “watch heaven” I just love watches now and for me they should be a must have accessory for every girl. (P.S don’t ask me to tell you the time on them because we probably will  be stuck trying to figure out the time for a solid 10mins lol ) I ended up loving all the watches I saw but I knew my mission was to find that perfect gold watch and it so happened that I found the most beautiful gold watch with an almost pastel green face and I instantly fell in love with the watch and the amazing price of 14.99$. I was so happy with my purchase and I probably will wear this watch everywhere I am going once it matches my outfit of the day. Here are some pictures of the watch and you can purchase the same on at xoxo<3

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 3.49.42 PM


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