Style Crush: Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been one of my style crushes since her Disney days. I would always admire her sense of style and she was also one of the very first celebrities I looked up to as a style icon. She was also one of the first Disney girls who made a statement when it came to her sense of style. Every outfit I would see her in was always amazing and perfect for her body frame and structure. I can safely say that none of her outfits be it red carpet or just her everyday casual look was never a miss. No matter where she went Demi Lovato was always dressed to impress. I also admire how with age her style evolved. She totally revamped the way she dressed be it to go with her current hair color/style or just a new year. After her time in treatment center her style evolved where she would wear a lot of boho chic looks to go with her signature shoe Jeffrey Campbell Litas and then a couple months later she went back to her girly glam look and then right on television during the X Factor you saw how her style evolved from glam chic to total rocker chic with a touch of glam. Demi is truly one of young hollywood fashion icons and my style crush of the week. Who is your fashion icon/style crush?


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