Make Love Like…..Woah

Hey guys so since the weather is warming up a bit I thought that I can officially start back with my summer outfits ideas and kinda spice it up and give it a little theme to go with it. So yesterday while I was browsing around my house and just brainstorming ideas for my blog I decided to go ahead a start a mini series again on my blog and this time it will all be about date night outfits, summer outfits of the day, etc. I don’t really know how this will end but I will try to at least get an outfit idea up every two days or maybe everyday according to how well I can plan out my ideas on polyvore. So today’s outfit is really cute and perfect for like a cute night out with you boo at a restaurant/bar where you can eat and have a little fun to like dancing or karaoke or something. It’s an outfit that if wear it right and it looks amazing on you, you’re man will have one fancy piece of fine china on his hand. LOL maybe that was a bit to much haha. The outfit is basically cute and girly but it’s also “sexy”. If I do get the opportunity to go on a date this summer I think this is kinda like the perfect first date outfit to and I might just have to hit the stores to find a top similar to the on I picked out on Polyvore. Here’s the outfit below and be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you think