tumblr_mnuh7hyFaT1qggs6ao1_500When ever I see a photo of the ocean or visit the beach I always get that feeling of freedom. I get the feeling of all my pains being washed away. I just feel a sense of relief when I visit just look out in the ocean. I see so many things so much clearer and get a sense of hope. I get the feeling of knowing everything will be alright, that things happen in our lives for a reason and that some people are only placed in your life for a season and so are certain situations. I see the ocean as a pathway to freedom not a way to run away from your problems. I see it as somewhere where you can discover your inner self. The stillness and quietness of the ocean can give you so much depth into who you are. It’s a place where you can totally leave your pain by the shore and resurface as a new person. I feel like right now this is something I need. I need a fresh start. I need to leave all my burdens and pains at the shore. I need freedom from so many things that have been tying me down recently. I just want to be FREE.

There’s freedom from my past and there’s hope for my future.

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