Ending to my day

Today was such a long, tiring but good day. I felt like I accomplished so much today and still found time to pamper myself with some good ole me time. This morning I woke up so early because lets face it New England summers are sometimes unbearable which makes sleeping in really hard and sometimes going to sleep even harder, especially when you didn’t even take a daytime nap. Since I am moving to a new house on Saturday, I have been back and forth from my current residence to my soon to be new home (it’s the cutest little space with a lot of space lol). I still can’t believe that I will be living there with my family (my mom, sister and brother), I am so excited for this new journey in our lives 🙂 🙂 Anyway, so today I woke up and washed my hair and finally tamed my mane with some leave in conditioner and wore my hair in a high bun (mission accomplished yeaaa boyyy). My hair actually stayed put for the entire day 12hrs+ and then when I finally washed it out tonight, it was the perfect texture, curly and overall really easy to comb. Overall, that made me so happy. The highlight of my day was getting my nails done finally. I normally just do it myself every two day,s but recently I’ve wanted to get a gel mani and I finally splurged and got a mani this morning with my sister. I got my signature color purple with a little hint of glitter on my nails and they are perfect and are going to last for about 2-3wks so I won’t have to get it done for a while 🙂 After accomplishing my “me” time before twelve I resumed my moving routine and now I am all finished for the day and just chilling playing Words with Friends and snapping pictures of my nails for you guys to check out. I hope you guys had an amazing day and you can see my new gel mani below and also check out my song choice of the day below. Goodnight xoxo Besitos ♥