You got my head in the clouds, and I just wanna fly

Hey guys, I’m back again to update you with one of my favorite artists and his new music. So if you have been following my blog or twitter you know that I am always listening to music and commenting on what I love about it or tweeting the lyrics or something. So today, Travis Garland finally released his first official single off his self entitled album “Travis Garland” called Clouds. Guys words can’t even describe how happy that he has finally put this song out on iTunes and to make it even official he released  the music video for Clouds on Vevo. This song just screams perfection and I am so excited for this new step and journey he is taking with his music. This song didn’t disappoint at all and I can’t wait to hear more of this self entitled album he is coming out with on September 10th. My only concern is how fast the album is coming out. He could have at least put a 6-8 weeks gap to promote the single and do like a small radio tour but then again he’s an independent artists and probably doesn’t have the team or capital to do all of that. Other than that I am exited for him and I so wish I could go to one of his shows this Fall. So for now please do yourselves a favor and listen and watch Travis Garland’s new music video for his official single “Clouds”  . 



Buy Clouds on iTunes and support Travis Garland

  • This song is DOPE!!

    • ahh thanks and omg it is right!! i could listen to this guy all the time!!!

  • ahh thanks and omg it is right!! i could listen to this guy all the time!!!