Be Happy, Live Life and Love Yourself

I feel like so many people find it so hard to just be happy, live life and love themselves.  I know people who are constantly battling stuff and going through so much that they shouldn’t even be going through. I feel like so many people lack that self confidence and that strength to actually believe in themselves and stand on their own.  It breaks my heart to see people constantly putting themselves down and just being a target  for negativity. They’re  constantly saying things that are just so degrading about themselves or just wallowing in self pity and disgust.  Certain people are so sad and like nothing you do could ever lift their spirits, its heartbreaking. I know someone who is constantly just looking for that validation and that reassurance that they are worth it,  that they’re beautiful, etc and it shouldn’t be like that. You as person should have that self confidence and believe in your own self worth; you shouldn’t be looking to others for that reassurance.  Everything in my life isn’t perfect but I know that when I start to get in a funk that there is so much I should thankful for and I shouldn’t be feeling this way.  I just wish everyone could look past the bad and focus on what good they have in their lives. It’s a beautiful and marvelous thing to be happy. I don’t mean always smiling and being chipper, just being content and happy in your heart that’s what matters.

smile at someone





One of my favorite songs at the moment from Drake! He’s such a romantic sap lol! 

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