All I’ve Ever Needed

So it’s that time of the year when I can stay up all night and just listen to music and take time to just really think about things and I also enjoy this time because I don’t feel like I am losing sleep, I see as a time where I put a lot of things together and a lot of things in my life become more clearer. I cherish my quiet and alone time. It’s like my own little inspiration session where I can simply just write down some lyrics or just simply talk to God. Tonight was one of those listening to music nights and I decided to listen to the featured song from this movie that comes out today October 4th. This song centered me, listening to the lyrics really put things in prospective for me. I feel like lately I have just been taking every blessing in my life for granted. I’ve been forgetting my hopes and dreams and just going day to day like tomorrow doesn’t matter. I was going with the flow. This week has really been a week that God has been really sending me little hints and just saying Felice don’t forget what I have given you, that is the thing I’ve been hearing every single day. It’s amazing how this song tonight made me think about those little words “Don’t forget what I have given you.” So many times I feel like I forget what God has blessed me with and how he placed me in certain situations so that I can overcome certain fears or just discover a new side of myself but then I get so lost and caught up that I completely lose focus. I have to Thank God every day for just simply being there and sending me little reminders daily of his blessings and love for me. Thank You God.  I would love for whoever is reading this to just listen to the song and just let it minister to you. Let the song leave a message on your heart and never forget your first initial instinct and plan for your life. God’s love for us can give us that strength and courage to carry on and pursue all our hearts desires.