Music Discovery: Girls United!

Hey guys I’m back with another Music Discovery blog post to update you guys on new artist I discovered and this week it so happens that this amazing girl group who are contestants on this seasons X Factor called Girls United caught my ears and omg I absolutely love love what they did with the unreleased track from Ariana Grande called Pink Champagne.  I haven’t really been watching the X Factor at all this season just because I don’t really have the time to make the commitment to watch it but these girls definitely show promise and I think they have the look, the voice, the style and everything to make it in the music business. This is the first time I’ve seen a group that was auditioning release something like this so I don’t know if they didn’t make it to the live shows or if the rules have changed and they could continue making their cover videos as a way to promote themselves for votes for the X Factor because if they do make it to the live shows which I do watch they will be getting my votes. So guys check out Girls United version of Ariana Grande’s “Pink Champagne”   below