Remembering Cory Monteith

tumblr_mui5wbjMnU1sfdm2wo1_500Last nights episode of Glee was probably the best but hardest to watch. It was just a heavy episode to watch and take in. With every line, every song sung you as the viewer could just feel the emotion and pain this cast felt. The entire atmosphere around the episode was just so heavy with emotion. Watching this episode I felt as if I wasn’t watching a TV show because the rawness and reality of last nights episode was just too much. These actors on glee tapped into some unknown strength I’m sure they didn’t know they had to do this tribute episode for Cory Monteith‘s character Finn. Every scene last night broke my heart. Watching Mark Salling‘s character Puckerman’s face throughout all his scenes was just excruciating because even though he wasn’t crying at first his face was bright red throughout the entire episode. Amber Riley’s character Mercedes I loved the song she sang for Finn. I totally remember when Finn sang that song during an earlier episode and it represented the type of person his character was in the show. Naya Rivera‘s character Santana broke me. I swear when she started to sing If I Die Young I lost I started to cry long ugly tears and then when she broke down, that wasn’t acting at all. I don’t think that part was even scripted because woah her scream totally ripped through my heart. Ahhh this episode was just way to emotional. Lea Michelle I have to take my hat off for you and give you a standing ovation. She truly is the definition of strength. It’s not easy having someone taken away from you so tragically and then having to deal with that loss so publicly. Every word she spoke last night wasn’t her character, it was Lea’s words, her tears and her emotions. As she said Finn was her person and I know she was also saying that about Cory. Watching old pictures of them together and I could tell that their love was genuine. She stuck by him through the thick and thin and not many people would have done that. Originally I didn’t even want to do a blog post on anything Cory Monteith related just because personally for me I hate talking about death but I feel like since the episode last night I can finally write a few things. When I first heard that Cory Monteith was going to rehab because of his struggle with drug addiction, it confirmed everything for me. I am someone who when I start watching a TV Show and I love it, I make a commitment to never miss an episode. I notice all the differences and changes that the characters have made. I realize the changes that are fictional and the ones that are real. The one thing I noticed about Cory’s character was even though his character’s storyline was about him discovering who he was and coming into his own, that spark that Cory Monteith had was gone. I noticed it in his eyes the most. I just felt like something was wrong or he was struggling with something. When it came out last spring that he had checked himself into rehab I knew it was really bad but I wasn’t surprised. I don’t condone taking drugs at all. I think it’s just the worst way of disrespecting your body but some people get to the point where they become addicted and it’s not their fault anymore. The disease/ sickness of addiction totally takes over and they just can’t help but feed that addiction. It’s really sad to hear about it or read up on how addictions work. The person isn’t truly themselves and that is something that can’t be masked at all. This is what I noticed when watching Glee last season. His character wasn’t his normal self. I am so happy that he had acknowledged what he was going through and decided to get help. I don’t personally know what happened in rehab with him but for someone who had such a heavy addiction, he should of have been assigned  a sober companion to accompany him everywhere. Addictions are so easy to fall back into especially when you are at your lowest. No matter how much love and support you may have surrounding you,the addiction is sometimes always stronger. I’m not really at peace with the entire situation and I do believe more could have been done to prevent his relapse aka a sober companion but as the people who know him says don’t let his drug addiction define him. He was a good person who touched many people’s lives even if it was just through glee or his other stuff. I will always Remember Cory Monteith. RIP dude and rock the heavens.

R.I.P. Cory Monteith 1982 – 2013

“Always be kind to others”