Music Discovery: CeCe Frey


This weeks music discovery goes to a talented young woman named Cece Frey. If you watched last season X Factor you probably know who I’m talking about and I have to advise you not to blow off this blog post. On last season’s X Factor Cece Frey was the girl with the attitude, the spunk, the talent and literally The X Factor when she first auditioned for the show. I was completely blown away by hey talent when I first heard her song and was like DAMN this girl’s got it. After she got through to the live shows, that girl who auditioned seemed to disappear. She had that spunk and attitude but when she would perform that girl who was fearless and simply just sang was no longer there. I don’t know what it was but her voice was completely gone. She didn’t sound the same at all but I don’t know what it was but she was damn lucky to have fans and people who would vote for her week after week until she finally was eliminated after leaving her in 6th place. I was crushed that she got eliminated but I knew with her go getter attitude that this wasn’t going to be the last time I heard from her. I followed her career and journey and was so happy that she was doing her thing on her own, performing at clubs and basically getting the exposure she needed. What I didn’t hear was any new music which was kind of a bummer but she promised that new music  was coming soon and she even came out with her own little documentary on YouTube about her journey and what to look forward too. I can’t yell you how much times I watched the teaser for 14:59 and the actually first episode of Cece Frey-14:59 Episode 1. I’m still waiting for episode 2 but in due time she’ll film and release it. Today she released her brand new cover for “Wake Me Up” originally sung by Avicii. I have to say that I was at first skeptical because that song is so annoying but Cece sang it so beautifully and with every lyric and every note she sang I felt the power and also emotions of the song and lyric. She sang “Wake Me Up” acoustically and by far that is the best cover I’ve heard of the song. I was like yesss the real Cece Frey’s back. She has improved so much vocally that I can’t wait to hear more from her. I also love how she surprised us and totally did a bit of whistle tone during the cover something that Mariah Carey and Ariana Grande have mastered o so well and not many singers can even do that. When she did her little whistle tone I was like damn Cece where have you been hiding all this talent. I am so happy that she’s back and that she didn’t let losing her voice stop her from pursuing her dreams. Today’s Music Discovery (video featured below) is by far one of my favorites because it shows that no matter what you go through never let that slow you down or stop you from reaching your highest goals and Cece is living example of that. So proud of you CeCe Frey. So guys press play and just take in the talented Cece Frey as she performs her Acoustic Cover of Wake Me Up.


Download link coming soon! 

  • I totally agree with you! Once she hit the live shows she really rubbed me the wrong way. This is an ok version but I am just SO partial to Aloe Blacc that no one really can compete.

    • I know I think she got really cocky during the live shows. And do share the cover from Alos Blacc I’ve never heard of him. I just loved this one so much because I felt like this was just her turning point after struggling and basically not knowing who she was/is as an artist.

  • Thanks and wow i didn’t know he sang it 🙂