December 4th: Words Are Powerful

31 Days of Inspiration

“Words are powerful so think before you decide to use them”


The words we speak can have such a profound effect on the people we meet, that we should always be mindful of the words that come out of our mouth. The things we say are a reflection of who we are and our thoughts. I believe there is always a time and place to say certain things and we should always pick our words carefully. Our words can have such an effect on people that I believe that if you have nothing nice to say then “shut up”. Our words should be used as instruments to uplift, inspire, advise and comfort others. We should never use our words to disrespect others. Your words are that powerful, that it can literally change someone’s entire life, give them a new perspective on things, instill new values and save their lives. A person who always has something nice to say is always remembered.