TV Talk: The Vampire Diaries

Hey guys I’m back with another TV Talk on The Vampire Diaries. First of all I would like to disclose that this blog post will contain spoilers so if you haven’t watched Thursdays epi of TVD I’m sorry for spoiling it. Thursdays episode of TVD was as intense and it also made me so mad. First of all let’s talk about the who Katherine/Elena switch souls thing. I have to admit this was my least favorite part of the episode. Elena finally reached a point in her life where she was genuinely happy but selfish Katherine and her daughter Nadia decided to pull one over on everyone and transfer Katherine’s soul into Elena’s body. The crazy thing about it is they got away with it. No one expected anything because as usual everyone on that show was too wrapped up in stuff to notice Elena was missing. No one bothered to ask Bonnie if Katherine’s soul had passed through hers and Bonnie failed to even notice or mention this. Poor Elena was literally fighting for her soul but in the end she lost the battle. The only comforting thing about this was she able to see Damon before Katherine’s soul took over her body but then the bitch Katherine broke up with Damon totally breaking our hearts. No more “Delena” for now which absolutely sucks because she genuinely brought out the best in him. Also in this episode Tyler finds out about the little Caroline and Klaus rendezvous in the woods. Personally I am so over Tyler’s grudge with Klaus. He totally acts like he’s the only one Klaus has hurt. Klaus has literally did some shit to everyone in Mystic Falls but he’s the only one actually chasing down Klaus to get revenge. He really shouldn’t be feeling like the victim during this entire situation because he’s the one that decided to choose revenge over love. Enzo also returned during this episode and boy o boy did he stir up trouble by kidnapping poor old Aaron Whitmore who sadly died at the ending of this episode. RIP Aaron!!! Grr hate that Damon is up to his old ways but he’s still sexy regardless. I’m excited to see what will happen over the next couple of episodes. I have so many questions but my main one is where is Elena’s soul? Will she be the one to pass through Bonnie instead of Katherine? When is everyone going to find out that Elena is no longer living? So many questions ahhh I can’t take it. TVD is taking over my life lol. Hope you guys enjoyed TV Talk today and look out for another TV next week for Pretty Little Liars. The sneak peek for next episode looks intense.

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