TV Talk: The Originals


This weeks TV Talk is all about last nights episode of The Originals. First of all let’s talk about those witches. Those bitches have some unresolved issues with The Original family. I don’t know what Klaus and Rebekah did back in the day to those witches but they just want revenge. I love the fact that the all powerful Original Family is getting their ass handed to them this season. It’s sad because you love them but also it was boring seeing them get away with murder all the time. I love the excitement of it all. I just can’t wait to see what will happen next and get a little back story into what really happened all those years ago. I feel so bad for Hayley. She is caught between two worlds and also two fights. It sucks because she is like the innocent one who always tries to do good things but then it always backfires on her like her keg party in last nights episode. She throws this party to get to know and meet all the werewolves out in the Bayou but it turns out that the witches put a nasty curse on the werewolves so they end up attacking Rebekah and then Hayley and Jackson almost burn to death. This episode was just a roller coaster of emotions. The intensity of this episode just rocked my being lol. It’s so crazy how the witches they just tricked everyone and now they are like the top bitches in the New Orleans now. In this episode also Elijah’s strengths and weaknesses were also tested and he once again proved how he choses love and family sorta over everything else. When he came to it after Celeste put a kiss spell on him he decided to save Hayley first not knowing that his sister was laying in the forest hurt and his brother just got stabbed in the heart with Papa Tundae’s knife. He always does the noble thing but sometimes his actions result in dire consequences. What I noticed tonight though is that a new side of Elijah emerged tonight after he realized that the witches tricked him. I can’t wait to see this ruthless side of Elijah. Another character whose background is such a mystery to me is Cami. She has been around for a while. If you remember that picture she found of herself that was probably decades ago. I would love to see the writers give us more of an insight into who she really is. It would be really cool if she’s a supernatural being too. In this episode too we also lost one of the most annoying characters Sophie. I have to say I wasn’t sad when her niece killed her at all. She deserved it. She was such a weak and scared witch. I could stand her character at all. Anyway, I would like to thank you guys for tuning into this weeks first TV Talk. Also, The Originals will be back with new episodes after the Olympics on Feb 25th til then you should get caught up on The Originals if you haven’t started watching yet. I promise you this show is so worth it.


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