TV Talk: The Originals (From A Cradle To A Grave)

Tuesday night season finale of The Originals was explosive. In my opinion it was the most anticipated season finale for the 2013/2014 TV finale schedules. I knew last nights episode was going to leave me with some crazy emotions but I didn’t expect the outcome of last night’s episode. The season finale opened with Hayley being held down while she gave birth to her little baby as Klaus watched. Genevieve who still had a little heart left in her let Hayley hold her baby for a bit after birth but Monique being the evil witch that she is slit her throat and Hayley died. I literally screamed when she did that. I seriously don’t get why this girl was so damn devious and evil. My heart ached even more when Elijah came in and found Klaus holding Hayley’s dead body. I felt so much pain for Elijah because as he said in the episode that he let her in. She was the one woman that he truly loved and gave her his heart. I probably cried like for 80% of this episode. Thankfully because of the baby she was carrying, her life was saved because she still had some of the baby’s hybrid blood in her. Praise Jesus ahhh! Hayley definitely came back fiercer than ever. She was like badass mom on the prowl trying to find those witches and save her baby. She was just dangerous. I loved how she used her mama extinct to find her baby because Klaus and Elijah definitely couldn’t push through the illusion that the witches created. Thank God Hayley survived. It was such a battle to save that little baby because the witches had help from their ancestors, which almost made it impossible for them to get to the baby. What happened next totally threw me off. Marcel used that weapon that made a thousand cuts on Monique as she was trying to kill the munchkin and saved the baby’s life. Even though his motives were jaded (he saved the baby then stole it so Klaus could heal his friends) this granted him the forgiveness he needed from Klaus. The craziest thing for me during this episode is how while everyone was battling to save Klaus and Hayley’s baby; Davina was resurrecting Mikael so he could kill Klaus. Mikael thought he had won and he would get his revenge but because Davina is a vengeful and smart witch who had an ulterior motive she decided to lock him up in the attic of the church and control him with that little trinket she got from Cami until she was ready to use him. She is so smart and I can’t wait to see what this trick she has up her sleeve. As the episode was winding down of course the writers had to add another tear jerking moment. I actually loved the ending of the episode. Hayley, Klaus and Elijah made the ultimate sacrifice to give up the baby by faking her death for her own protection. In the ending Klaus gave the baby to his sister Rebekah because she was the only person he trusted with his daughter’s life. He knew that she was the only person who could have given her the life that both Hayley and Klaus wanted her to live. He named her Hope because in Klaus’s eyes she was the hope that they all needed to fight and win this war. It was a selfless thing he did and I’m happy they made a Klaus a father in The Originals even though he won’t be raising her. It gives him a purpose, hope and most importantly a heart. As they said the baby will be in constant danger and we saw that in the ending because Esther their mother took the form of Cassie and came back with one of her sons who I believe was Henric because he’s the only one who died before becoming a vampire. Next season is going to be even explosive. I literally can’t wait to see what the writers of The Originals are going to come up with. This season was amazing and I’m glad I got to watch it. This post concluded TV Talk for The Originals until next fall. In the meantime you can follow me on FB or Twitter for updates.


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