Vacation Wishlist

This Summer I’ll be going on vacation to Florida and I couldn’t be more excited. It’ll be my first time visiting Florida so I’ve been preparing. One of the ways I’ve been prepping for my trip is by shopping. I’ve gotten a couple of things but there are still so much more pieces on my wishlists. A vacation isn’t a vacation unless you have some new clothes. So here is some of the things on my vacation wishlists xx Enjoy and let me know what I should or shouldn’t buy. ♥


  1. says

    love all this outfits! my favorite part of summer is the cute clothes you get to wear!

    • says

      I know i feel like in the summer you’re so much more free. i hate how constricting a winter jacket can be and I always feel to lazy to dress up in the Winter time lol!

  2. Tricia Asson says

    Their all cute. My favs are the bottom left Lace Top & the Bottom Right Romper. You can get one of those for me.. Kisses! Lol

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