TV Talk: Shows To Watch This Fall

I can’t believe there is only less than 2 weeks until Summer is over. I’m not ready and my body is definitely not ready. Even though I’m excited for the new Fall TV Shows, I’m so sad that Summer is ending oooo so soon. This Summer was actually really fun. I’m going to miss the long nights, waking up late, the weather, Florida and the clothes. O Summertime Sadness you are creeping up on me. The only things that are amazing about Fall is Starbucks Seasonal Drinks and themed cups, Fall Boots and new returning and new TV Shows. Today’s blog post is just a guide on the new Fall TV Shows I’ll be checking out. Ahh I love Fall TV Shows ♥ 


♥ Black•ish

♥ Cristela

♥ Manhattan Love Story

♥ Selfie (I watched the Pilot and I actually really loved it. Don’t let the name of the show fool you)

♥ Fresh Off The Boat

♥ Forever



♥ From A to Z

The CW

♥ The Flash (The Pilot Leaked a couple months ago and I loved it. I’m such a fan of Marvel Comics and I am so excited for this show.)

♥ Jane The Virgin


♥ Gotham

♥ Red Band Society

♥ The Last Man On Earth


 View the trailer for each show mentioned above below ♥


  • I cannot wait for the fall shows. I haven’t really planned to watch any of the new ones, but I am overjoyed for my old favorites to return! “Black-ish” looks hilarious. That is one that I am definitely planning to watch!

  • I will have to watch some of these previews haven’t heard of any of them.

  • I haven’t heard of any of these shows aside from A to Z. Most of the shows I’m looking forward to are shows that are coming back like Revenge, Grimm and Once Upon a Time and so many others.

    • I watched the pilot for from A-Z. It was amazing. I always keep updated with what’s coming out in the Fall but I’m also watching some of my returning favorites like OUAT, Grimm, Arrow, The Vampire Diaries,etc.

  • I have to admit I’m getting pretty jazzed for fall as I have WAY more outfits I can put together and warm drinks are easier to consume and the pretty colors the leaves turn! But I am also excited that Once Upon A Time will be back and I can get my Hook fix!! LOL

    • Omg I know I love Hook on once upon a time!!!

  • My husband and I are so excited for fall shows to come back but haven’t been planning on watching any of these! BRB while I convince him

  • I feel as if I’m lost in time since I hardly ever watch tv and have never heard of any of these shows. I’ll definitely try to look into one of these to watch sometime! Manhattan Love Story looks great! I still can’t believe summer is almost over! 🙁

  • I love it when all the new shows come out. Feels a little bit like Christmas 🙂 I think I’m most excited for Selfie though. I’m not normally into sitcoms, but that one looks like it’s going to be hilarious.

    • I know the feeling Trish!! OMG you have to watch Selfie. It’s available to watch on Hulu Plus and also before it airs. You can also watch Red Band Society and A-Z on Hulu early ♥