TV Talk: The Strain


For the past few weeks I’ve been watching FX’s new show “The Strain” and so far it’s been one hell of a ride!! The first thing that got me hooked on this show was because it was a vampire show but boy o boy let me tell you I was wrong. The Strain is a whole new level of vampires. All my life I’ve been watching vampire shows from Buffy, Angel to The Vampire Diaries and I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. Vampires are supposed to have fangs and big teeth but instead Guillermo Del Toro decided it would be amusing to give these little vampires or Strigoi’s  these little sucker or stingers and let me tell you it is so gross. There is no glitz or glamour in this show and to be frank these little suckers ain’t no Damon Salvatore or Edward Cullen. Every episode I scream, I squirm, I close my eyes because it’s just too much to take in but I love it and I can’t stop watching The Strain. These Strigoi’s invested NYC when Eldridge Palmer made a deal with Thomas Elchorst (he’s a badass old man by the way and I love him even though he’s evil) to be immortal, in exchange Thomas was to bring The Master (who is one ugly creature) to NY so that he could make a new batch of his little Strigoi’s. How selfish and so cruel right? I hate this ugly dude by the way. He looks like Frankenstein baby just 100x uglier and with a pudgy nose. The crazy thing about the spread of the “disease” is that the people who are infected are drawn to fear and love, so they return home to their loved ones and infect and that’s how it spreads. So these people have been going around infecting their families, nesting during the day because like any vampire sunlight kills them and then at night they go hunting like any old regular vampire. Thankfully, old man Setrakian and his group of slayers have been going around trying to kill as much Strigoi’s as possible to prevent further infestation but these Strigoi’s spread their little worms so fast and from the look of Sunday nights episode when they found the Master’s leer, they are greatly outnumbered. The Master, he is so smart though, he tricked Ephraim so good and he almost stung him. I was sitting at the edge of my seat last night watching that scene because I thought that it was the end for him. Whew but thankful Fet, the arrogant, cocky but sexy rat killer saved his life yet again. (BTW Ephraim hates Fet lol) So many people have died already and because Mr. Palmer paid this woman to slow down the internet and communication, the rest of the country and world are clueless and NYC has no help except for this band of misfit Strigoi’s who the Master probably granted some special authority but instead of killing people they are killing their kind. Sadly, I only saw them for one episode so I don’t know what ever became of them. The Strain isn’t for the weak and a lot of people won’t like it because it’s very graphic but it’s such a well written show. I so put it up there with The Walking Dead. I love watching this season and even though it’s almost over (tear) I’m so excited for next weeks episode. If you guys are interested you can check out the entire season on iTunes and be sure to watch Live next Sunday @ 10pm on FX. xx ♥