TV Talk: Jane The Virgin- Chapter 2


“Chapter 2”

Jane The Virgin is my new Monday night addiction. It’s a mix of everything I love in my favorite television shows and I ‘m so happy that The CW picked it up for a full season, 22 episodes, which means more TV Talks. Yippy!! Last nights episode introduced us to Chapter Two of Jane’s story and they wasted no time to jump right into the craziness but first let me do a quick recap of last weeks premiere. Jane is ambitious, hopeful and optimistic young woman who made a vow to her Abuela to keep her virginity until she got married. She’s dating Michael who loves her unconditionally and respects her vow. Due to an unfortunate event her gynecologist Luisa accidently inseminates Jane with Rafael’s sperm and she gets pregnant. So now Jane’s pregnant with Rafael’s (Luisa’s brother) baby, engaged to Michael and trying to stay calm, cool and collected while she navigates this new chapter in her life.

The second episode opens up with a flashback scene to Jane’s Quinceañera, where Jane’s mother always wanting to be the center of attention starts singing Milkshake by Kelis and totally embarrassing Jane but we find out later on in the episode that Xiomara only did this to distract Jane from seeing her hot Quinceañera date kissing some other girl at her party. Now that Jane’s pregnant, her life is about to change drastically but it really hasn’t hit her yet so she made a vow to just move forward with her life. She even went so far to not even acknowledge that the baby is a baby. Instead, she wants everyone to refer to the baby as “The Milkshake,” so she didn’t have to think about being pregnant but all this changed after she heard the baby’s heartbeat with Rafael. During a heart to heart with Xiomara, it finally hit her that she was pregnant and that the baby wasn’t a milkshake, she was going to get attached to the baby and then having to give it to Rafael and Petra after carrying it for nine months is going to hurt like hell. Now I can understand why Jane wants to sue Luisa. It broke my heart and I’m sure if you watched last night’s episode you got a little teary eyed. Jane and Xiomara have a bond like no other and that’s why I love this show. It perfectly represents the ups and downs a family goes through and even the craziness like Jane’s entire family, Michael, Petra and Rafael trying to all fit into the room when Jane was getting her first sonogram done. By the way during the sonogram Jane and Rafael had another moment. It’s only the second episode in and I can’t get enough of these two. After Jane made it know that she Google searched Rafael, they had a little heart to heart. He opened up to her and explained why he was a Playboy before being diagnosed with cancer. His fear of failure took him down such a dark path that he regrets but after talking with his sister Luisa she gave him that wake up call he needed. I also love how he remembers the little things Jane told him when they met years ago at Yacht club. He remembered that she wanted to be a writer. It’s just the little things like this makes me feel like these two belong together and as Alba said, “God has a plan.” I just hope the plan is a good plan.

Last night’s episode also proved how stupid Michael is and how that little secret that his brother mentioned will soon manifest itself. Michael could have put his entire investigation in jeopardy when he told Petra that he knew about her affair with Roman. Even though he played it off it wasn’t very smart of him. We all know that he doesn’t want Jane to keep the baby so he’s going to do whatever he can to ensure that when that baby comes Petra and Rafael gets it. Roman is also a psycho. When Petra tried to break up with him, he started to choke her. I wonder how far he would have gone if she didn’t play it off as if she was testing him. Even though she’s cheating on Rafael with Roman, Petra’s love for Rafael is real but the temptation of money is stronger. When he threatened to divorce her she used all the tricks in the book to get back even threatening to tell Jane because she knew how important it was to Jane that the baby grew up in a household with both parents. In the end when she genuinely poured her heart out to him. He decided to give her a second chance. I felt bad for her because she remembered the exact moment he stopped loving her after he talked to his sister during treatment and that’s when she realized everything changed. This scene was the turning point of the episode. It was the moment Rafael realized that it was time for him to give Petra a second chance even though he knew she was just waiting out the terms of their prenup to make money off him. This was the turning point in their marriage because Petra finally told Rafael how she felt. I believed this is what drove her to have an affair with Roman because he gave her everything that Rafael wasn’t. Being unfaithful is wrong and if this is how Petra was genuinely feeling, she should have talked to Rafael sooner. Who knows maybe she wouldn’t of had the affair. I love that this episode showed a more emotional side to Petra and my initial judgment of her was wrong and she’s not as cold-hearted. However, I do think she’s still a hot gold-digging mess.

Jane’s dad is Rogelio de la Vega!!! He’s her favorite telenovela star and her dad. Sadly, she doesn’t know yet because Xiomara hasn’t told her yet. What I don’t understand is how could she keep it from her knowing that Jane and Alba religiously watch his show. Now that Jane’s father is back and wants to be apart of Jane’s life, Xiomara should forgive him and let Jane know who he is. It might ruin their relationship and the trust the have but during this ordeal Jane needs her dad. And poor Alba, God bless her heart. It was funny when she fainted after walking in on Rogelio and Xiomara but I can’t wait to see how she’ll explain this one to her mother.

Jane The Virgin wouldn’t be a hit without a little scandal. Petra’s affair is scandalous but Luisa’s dirty little secret is even more scandalous. You know how last week Luisa caught her wife Allison cheating, which caused her to accidently inseminate Jane; well Luisa is no better. Luisa is having an affair with her father’s wife Rosa aka her stepmother. This is so wrong on so many levels. I swear this show is getting better and better. The drama, the chaos, the romance, the lies, reminds me of my favorite daytime soap operas.

Last nights episode ended with one shocker. I still can’t believe they went there. Someone killed Roman and if was horrific and gruesome. He fell right onto the ice sculpture and it impaled him. It was such a wicked twist. I thought the writers would have explored his character more but when he died, that was unexpected. I’m so curious to see what’s going to happen next and how this one thing will affect everyone.

The episode was an amazing follow-up to the series premiere. I love how as the show progresses the audience is learning more and more about each character and we are diving deeper into the core of the show. It’s such an amazing production. Jane The Virgin is not only funny and romantic, it has that element that just keeps you hooked and on your toes. I just love it. I’m so happy it got picked up for a full season. The show is really spectacular. I hope you guys are enjoying it as much as I am and if you missed Mondays episode you can catch it again on Friday at 8pm on The CW.

 Jane The Virgin airs on Monday nights on The CW at 9pm after The Originals. It’s a Monday Night Must Watch TV Show!!!


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