TV Talk: Jane The Virgin- Chapter 3


“Chapter 3”

In Chapter 3 we witness the aftermath of Roman Zazo’s death and Alba’s words of wisdom “Little lies spiral into big balls of evil” come to life and I can already tell that a lot of people, especially Jane is going to get hurt. Michael may think that by him lying and keeping Petra’s affair a secret, he’s protecting Jane but everyone knows the saying “Everything done in the dark, always comes to light.”

The police suspect that Petra is involved in Roman’s death. They’re calling it a crime of passion. Michael is acting so suspicious because he knows if they bring in Petra for questioning two things will happen. The first being the investigation will be exposed and the second being Petra’s affair with Roman will be exposed, Rafael will find out, divorce Petra and Jane will the baby and as we discussed last week Michael does not want this baby, so he’s doing everything to clear her name. He even went so far as lying to Jane about why he was in elevator with Petra after Jane saw he lurking around the crime scene and popping pills and he even tampered with the crime by removing Petra’s necklace so that they couldn’t place her in his room at the time of his murder. Michael is being so stupid because with Roman being murdered the police is going to bring in both Petra and Rafael for questioning sooner or later and the affair will be revealed. He just isn’t thinking like a detective. He’s thinking like a jealous, insecure man and he’s letting that hinder his decisions. When this entire situation blows up, Michael is going to fall hard and lose everything.

Back at Casa de la Villanueva (Jane’s house) Rogelio sends Xiomara a gift basket. At first Xiomara is smitten because she thinks Rogelio is so romantic but then she realized it just a prepackaged fan gift basket. I so agree with Xiomara when she called him a jerk. At least he could have gotten a better gift or not make the gift basket seems so unoriginal. Poor Xiomara but I really think Rogelio didn’t mean anything by it. He looks like the type of man who totally sucks at buying gifts for women. Rogelio is making such an effort to connect with Xiomara in hopes that she would tell Jane but Xiomara isn’t budging at all. She even made him promise to stay away from Jane, but Rogelio being Rogelio and wanting to get to know his daughter he just couldn’t do that. I love his character so much. He’s very determined and I can tell he’s at a point in his life where he just wants to right his wrongs by trying to be there now for Xiomara and Jane. He was so desperate to meet Jane that he even checked into The Marabella where Jane works, calls her out and they finally meet. Jane finally meets her favorite telenovela star but little does she know he’s also her father. Even though Rogelio knows that he can get in trouble with Jane and Alba for going to see Jane, he takes a selfie with Jane and she sends it to her mom. I can’t wait for her to discover her dad is really Rogelio; it’s going to be so interesting. She’ll be mad at him at first but she’s going to be even angrier with Xiomara.

Meanwhile, Jane turns her attention to Petra. Jane is a bit hysterical at the moment. Anything that’s not normal she’s picking up on it. I love Michael but sooner or later Jane’s going to pick up on his lies and secrets because his body language sells him out. Remember when I said Jane say Petra popping pills, well one of Jane’s coworkers convinced her to do some investigating and she decided to break in Petra’s room and look for the pills. Jane is like the worst snoop. She just doesn’t have it her and she totally get caught by Petra. Since it’s impossible for Jane to lie due to her remember Alba’s fierce words “Little lies spiral into big balls of evil,” she comes clean and tells Petra the truth. Petra gives her this explanation and to be honest I don’t even know if it’s the truth. Petra confessed to only taking the Xanax three times, “One when her husband was diagnosed, one when he had an eight hour surgery and one when his best friend died.” The thing that’s so bad about Jane’ is that she’s so naïve and is quick to believe anyone and as a result of that she’s taken advantage of a lot. I don’t think that Petra has a problem however; if it weren’t for all those secrets she was hiding she wouldn’t have to pop any pills. After all this her alter ego appeared. I only say alter ego because Petra has a good and bad side. Her motherly, caring and intuitive side is her good side or alter ego. It’s her best side and when she showed Jane the baby’s nursery, it warmed my heart. Jane started to cry and Petra started going on and on about where the baby’s crib was going to be. It was such a sweet moment and I loved seeing Petra getting excited about the baby given the circumstances.

After all this crazy commotion with Petra, Jane decided to go to church with her mother and Alba. She thinks that they’re just going to church just because but earlier in the day Alba went to visit Rogelio on set after the “selfie incident” to warn him to stay away from Jane but this show wouldn’t be so good if everything always went according to plan. Alba goes to talk to him but after Rogelio sweet talks her and kisses her hand she becomes mesmerized, runs home and decides that both her and Xiomara must tell Jane about Rogelio tonight at church. If you’re guessing about what happens next you’re right because Alba and Xiomara end up not telling Jane because she blurts out in church that she’s having sex with Michael tonight. Jane’s conscience weighs so heavy on her because while at church instead of hearing what the pastor was actually preaching, she heard him saying, “You abuela taught that a lie by omission is still a lie.” Poor Jane and the look that her Abuela had on her face would totally make me change my mind about having losing my virginity before marriage. Alba had that look of disappointment on her face. It was so heartbreaking.

In this episode they also explored two things. One being Jane wanting to lose her virginity and the second being Jane’s growing feelings for Rafael. These two events ultimately affect one another and set the course for future episodes. Jane wanted the perfect telenovela experience for her first time. She had everything planned out perfectly right down to even getting the presidential suite that night. She was joking with her friends about it and Michael the sweetest, making sure she was ready to take this new step in their relationship. However, everything changed throughout the course of the day. Every time Jane ran into Rafael her heart fluttered. When she met him in the hallway and was talking to him and comforting him by placing her hand on his shoulder, her heart fluttered. When they were talking on the docks about Rafael dad plans for the hotel to not recognize Roman as a friend and the baby and he placed his hands on her legs, her heart fluttered and when they were dancing together at Roman’s tribute before she went to meet Michael, her heart fluttered and something changed. She almost went through with losing her virginity to Michael but unfortunately there was so many obstacles standing in their way. The first being, Rafael’s hotel ad popping up on the TV while they were together in bed, the flowers in the room reminding her of her vow she made to her abuela and then the fire alarm that went off because Luisa was being nasty again and hooking up with her stepmother Rosa. All these little things made her rethink her decision and she realized she wasn’t ready because she was so confused about these new feelings she had for Rafael. When Michael asked her what was wrong she lied to him for the first time and blamed it on her abuela being disappointed and upset about her having sex before marriage. Michael then did something so drastic and to be honest I don’t know if his motives are genuine. He moved the wedding up to next week and when Jane told her mother I sensed she wasn’t really ready and sure she wanted to marry him so soon. I don’t know if Michael is doing this out of jealousy or if he’s just eager to sleep with Jane. I guess we’ll find out what happens next in Chapter Four.

Just when I thought this episode couldn’t give me more, Petra slipped up big time and now Rafael is going to start questioning her every move and keeping close tabs on her. I swear I screamed when she asked Rafael if called Aaron, Roman’s brother. Earlier she flat out lied and said she didn’t even know he had a brother and now she’s asking Rafael about Aaron. Oh Petra your lies are too many to keep track of. Petra and Michael are there own worst enemies. The police found out that Petra’s mother keycard was used to access the back stairwell of Roman’s room five minutes before he was murdered and since Petra’s mother is in a wheelchair, the only person who could have been there was Petra. When Michael confronted her about this she blackmailed him like I suspected she would and now if he doesn’t get figure a way out of it, they both can go to jail and Michael would lose Jane. I mean it when I say that Michael is going to fall hard and lose everything.

 Jane The Virgin is the highlight of my Monday nights and even my Fall TV schedule. If you aren’t at home on Monday nights watching Jane The Virgin, I’m sorry but you’re missing the hottest Monday night show. Can it be next Monday already? I just want more. I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks chapter three TV Talk and if you missed this weeks episode you can always watch it online or On Demand.


Jane The Virgin airs on Monday nights on The CW at 9pm after The Originals. It’s the CW’s Best Show Ever!!!


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