TV Talk: Jane The Virgin- Chapter Four


“Chapter Four”

Last nights episode of Jane The Virgin knocked the wind out of me. I couldn’t breathe after they kept dropping bombs one after the next. I’m sitting here today and I’m still in shock because of all the crazy OMG moments. Last nights episode was way too much drama for my heart. Jane got her heart broken, Rafael dropped an explosive truth on Petra, someone is using a fake name I think and someone got sister-zoned. Last night was the fourth episode of the season and the show totally went to a whole new level.

First, I’m going to start with the biggest revelation/bombshell we’ve all been waiting for. Jane finally knows that her Rogelio, her favorite telenovela star is her father. Remember when I said that Jane’s heart was going to get broken and that she’s going to experience a world of hurt; well when she found out last night that her mother Xiomara has been lying to her all these years about her father Jane’s heart literally shattered. Xiomara was so right when she said that Jane isn’t going to forgive her and that she might lose her daughter. Jane was so devastated and this is one of the many hurts she is going to have to experience and go through this season. Xiomara shouldn’t have lied to Jane about her father and the elaborate story she told Jane about him just made things worse. Rogelio is nothing like the man Xiomara told Jane about and now Jane is going to be so disappointed because Rogelio lacks so much. I commend Rogelio for telling Jane himself but he has to tell her the truth about why she never knew him. It’s such a messy situation and I hope Jane forgives her mother.

Jane’s wedding plans are in full swing but there’s one problem, Jane can’t stop thinking about Rafael. It’s confusing and frustrating the hell out of Rafael. Everything is moving so fast and everyone wants to input his or her ideas on what Jane should do and have at her wedding. Xiomara wants to sing, Michael want a food truck, Alba wants her to read a Psalm and attend Pre-Cana or Catholic Marriage Counseling. The crazy thing is that everyone’s planning and adding their suggestions but no one is asking Jane what she wants no wonder why she is so stressed but that’s what a family does. When they finally asked her she what’s wrong she just blames it on the wedding planning but little do they know that Jane is wrestling with her feelings for Rafael. Michael is like the best fiancé ever. His words are so sweet and he just knows the right things to say to calm Jane down. “At the end of the day, it’s just you and me and I can’t live without you.” Michael is seriously the best and if I had a fiancé who told me these words I would forget about the other guy I had feeling for. Seriously Jane get it together. Unfortunately things got worse and not better. Jane and Michael had their first sleepover and Jane had a sex dream about Rafael. OMG someone hold me because I swear I almost fainted. I did not see this one coming. Jane The Virgin is no saint. After she vows to focus on the man she loves (Michael) she goes to bed with Rafael on her mind and has a sex dream about him. My Oh My!!

Meanwhile at Pre-Cana Jane and Michael is getting counseling from the worst priest ever. I swear he shouldn’t be in charge of counseling soon to be married couples. He was literally comparing marriage to an ATV/All Terrain Vehicle. His parish had advised him to make himself more accessible to the youth but he clearly didn’t understand what they meant. He started going on and on about how as a married couple you become a team, you may hit a bump, it jostles you but you’ll be okay because you’ll have all these stunning features. He clearly got a bit carried away because he started describing parts of the vehicle and it’s features. However things started to go downhill once Jane and Michael told the priest about their little situation (Jane being pregnant with Rafael’s baby because she was accidentally inseminated.) The poor priest wasn’t prepared for all this drama and when he asked Jane if there was a personal connection between herself and Rafael she hesitated before she gave an answer, Michael picked up on it and that’s when she confessed to him and the priest about having the dream about Rafael. Michael was angry but I more think it was jealousy and betrayal that fueled his anger. Michael was in such a bad state. He was dealing with Jane and the problem of Petra’s impending arrest. He knew if Petra was arrested he was going to jail to, so he had to clear her name. I swear love and jealousy can make you do the craziest things and in Michael’s case tampering with a crime scene. Michael is so upset about Jane’s feelings for Rafael and I understand where he’s coming from about not wanting to marry Jane if she’s having feeling for another man but his lies and secrets to me are more damaging. People can get hurt and lives can be ruined because of his lies and secrets. Jane loves Michael and it sucks that she’s having feelings for Rafael. It’s confusing for her but the situation she’s in in so relatable and that’s why I love and connect with this show so much. I love that now she can be honest with him and I really admire her for not giving up. She did everything to win him back. She tried to avoid Rafael, which didn’t work because since she works at his hotel they were constantly bumping into each other. Michael didn’t like that and got even more upset. She then wrote a sex letter to him. Let me remind you that Jane might be a virgin but she’s no saint. Apparently, this is something Michael loves and she put her writing skills to work and wrote him a steamy sex letter, which accidentally got sent to Rafael and Michael got the article she wrote for Rafael. Talk about Awkward!! The worst part was Rafael read it and then totally sister-zoned her. Ouch!!! Thank goodness Jane made up with Michael and he finally told her the truth about his feeling towards the baby. He finally realized he was being selfish about the having to raise the baby if Jane decided to keep the baby. I’m happy he poured his heart out to her and he realized his worries were secondary to everything. It’s so nice and admirable of him to want to step up and be a father to this baby if Jane decided to change her mind and keep the baby.

In this episode we also got a sneak peek into Petra’s life before she became Mrs. Solano. We were introduced to Lachlan, Petra ex and Rafael’s most hated business nemesis. Before Petra was Petra Solano she used to be engaged to Lachlan and then she left Lachlan and married Rafael, so when Emilio (Rafael’s father) brought him back to keep an eye on Rafael tempers began to flare. Lachlan came to the Marabella on one mission and that was to undermine Rafael at all cost but it was so nice to see Rafael and Petra working together to scheme Lachlan. He really thought he had the upper hand when he tried to takeover and take credit for all the work Rafael had done. The look on Lachlan’s face when Petra screwed him over was priceless. He didn’t that one coming. You don’t mess with Petra’s money. She really fooled us all because she was flirting with him and he thought he had won her back. Oh Lachlan you fool.

I’m a firm believer in that you should never underestimate people and Petra underestimates Rafael so much. Last night he dropped an explosive bomb on her and her reaction was priceless. She didn’t know what to do. After, the little scheme they pulled on Lachlan something clicked and Rafael just knew and he just asked her without any hesitation, “So how long have you been sleeping with Zaz?” Oh my! I knew he suspected that something was up but when he just asked her point blank I was shock. I mean that was such a boss move and then he basically ended his marriage. I can’t wait to see what will happen next week because I know Petra isn’t leaving him quietly. Petra could write a book based on all her secrets. Apparently, Petra’s name isn’t Petra. I think her name is Natalia because the guy who she was talking in the car about almost being arrested and Zaz’s murder called her Natalia. I’m so confused and I don’t know what’s going on. It’s like all these secrets are just surfacing. I told you this episode was explosive but the scene that had me screaming OMG was Rafael waking up the next morning after he had a sex dream about Jane. He basically told Jane coldly that he only sees her as his sister and now he’s having dreams about. Hmm what did that letter have in it that Jane wrote? I guess we’ll never find out but I can tell it was hot because Rafael is having dreams now. Oh my goodness things are about to change.

So what did you guys think of Chapter Four of Jane The Virgin? I personally think a lot was revealed and not enough was explained. I’m nervous and anxious to find out the connection with Petra and this man she was talking to in the car. Rogelio and Jane have a lot of catching up to do and from the preview for next week’s episode he is failing terribly as a father. I just hope he tells her the truth. Lastly, now that Rafael is single and he’s having steamy sex dreams about Jane how will this change their relationship? I wonder if he will start seeing her differently and not just as a sister. So much happened during this episode and so many unanswered questions. Jane The Virgin makes so nervous. They went to a whole new level with this episode. It was filled with so many unexpected twists and turns. I loved it and I stand by what I said last week that this is one of the best new shows on TV. It’s so easy to connect with the characters and the storyline and that’s what makes it so watchable and relatable. I hope you guys enjoyed this weeks chapter three TV Talk and if you missed this weeks episode you can always watch it online or On Demand.

Jane The Virgin airs on Monday nights on The CW at 9pm after The Originals. It’s the CW’s Best Show Ever!!!