TV Talk: Jane The Virgin- Chapter Six

“Chapter Six”

Last nights episode of Jane The Virgin was one of my favorites. It was definitely one of those episodes that if you’ve been watching the show from Chapter One, you would have been counting down the weeks until this episode aired. Jane overcame bullies, Rafael got arrested, and Petra got what she deserved, a relationship ended and one started.

 Jane goes back to high school

 Jane has been working towards getting her teaching degree and when she got her first student teaching assignment she wasn’t too happy because they placed her in a high school. Jane was bullied in high school so the thought of having to go back to high school even as a teacher was scary. Jane wanted to teach middle school girls so that she could inspire them, impart her wisdom and experience on them with the hope that they wouldn’t turn out to be bullies in high school. Sadly, even as an adult Jane couldn’t escape her bullies and they came in the form of twins, and to make it even worse they were Rogelio’s former stepdaughters Valeria and Victoria. These girls were up to no good and I think what sparked their hate for Jane was the fact that they were jealous of her because she was Rogelio’s daughter, she was getting all the attention, he bought Jane a new car and called Victoria and Valeria his “former stepdaughters.” First, they told the nuns that Jane was an unmarried pregnant woman and that she shouldn’t be teaching at a Catholic school. Second, after Jane talked to Rogelio about the twin’s behavior he bought them a car, which was their plan all along. Third, they made this website about Jane being a pregnant virgin and when Jane tried to get them to take it down, they accused Jane of smashing the tablet and Jane lost her student teaching job. Thankfully, Jane took her mother’s advice and she decided to enlist Rafael in her plan to bring down the twins. Jane got some pretty damning evidence against them and then she threatened to expose embarrassing pictures of the twins unless they told Sister Margaret Francis what they had done Who knew that by Jane setting these girls straight, she brought out a nicer, more compassionate side of them.

 Rafael confesses his feelings

 Jane has been spending a lot of time with Rafael. She’s been leaning on Rafael and venting to him about her high school days of being bullied and he has been that rock and support for her. She talked about the girls who bullied her in school and he was so sweet when he said that if they went to high school together he would have set those girls straight and noticed her. Rafael also took this opportunity to tell Jane how he felt about her. It was perfect and definitely a swoon worthy moment and his speech to Jane literally rendered her speechless. It was so romantic and I loved how they emphasized on Jane’s heart during this heartfelt moment.

 “I’ve never been the type of guy that believes in fate or destiny. What are the chances? We kissed five years ago and now we’re here. It sounds crazy, but doesn’t this just feel like it’s meant to be?”~Rafael

 Rafael’s in trouble

 Petra’s mother punched her and when the cops came they blamed it on Rafael and he was arrested. Rafael spent the night in jail and then when he confronts her about it she has the audacity to pretend like what she’s saying is the truth. Petra and her mother worked up this entire plan just to nullify the prenup just so that they can get more money. It surprises me that Petra didn’t take and save of Rafael’s money while they were married because now she’s broke. She might be smart when it comes to scheming but when its time to prepare for a rainy day she’s stupid. When Petra and her mother didn’t want to leave Rafael’s penthouse he shut off the electricity, the water, so they were hot, sticky and uncomfortable. He even did a little bit of investigating and he found an eyewitness that was able to discredit Petra’s allegations against him and he finally got Petra and Magda out of his penthouse. However, Petra’s problems are just getting worse. The mystery guy who she was in car with (Ivan) called her up and demanded that he got the rest of the money that she owed him and since Rafael froze all of her accounts and she doesn’t have any rainy day funds. When Ivan came looking for Petra he almost got killed but she hit him in the head with an urn. I wonder if she killed him.

 As one chapter closes

 Jane just couldn’t bring herself to forgive Michael. The bad thing about it is that when she reflected upon the situation she remembered all the instances he lied to her. When she called off the engagement I understood that she didn’t want to start a life with Michael based on lies. At the ending of the episode when she broke up with him I was heartbroken. She basically threw three years of a relationship down the drain because of a lie he told. I am not against her decision but I really thought they would have worked it out. Even though I am #TeamRafael, it was hard watching Jane break up Michael. He really tried to win her back. He even created the scene from Rogelio’s telenovela with the yacht and the fancy dinner minus the snow but it didn’t work. Jane ended the relationship and there was nothing he could have said or done to change her mind.

 The Kiss

 Jane and Rafael kissed guys and it was perfect. I’ve been waiting for this moment since Chapter One and it finally happened and it was everything I hoped it would be. Even though it was a bit sudden and it might just be a rebound thing, it was still such a romantic moment between those two. Let all of #TeamRafael rejoice because Jafael is happening guys it’s happening.

 Jane The Virgin is addicting. Each week I fall more and more in love with the show. Michael’s investigation into Sin Rostro is heating up, since he figured out that Rostro might be using the docks for his business and I’m excited to see where this new romance between Jane and Rafael will end up. So guys what did you think of Chapter Six? What big thing do you think will happen next?

TV Talk Back

 How do you think Michael will respond once he finds out Jane is dating Rafael?

Do you think Petra and Ivan are somehow connected to Sin Rostro?

Are you #TeamRafael or #TeamMichael?