TV Talk: Jane The Virgin- Chapter Seven

“Chapter Seven”

In Monday’s episode we got to witness how Jane and Rafael met. Jane was in love with Rafael but he was a playboy and love that was once hot, soon turned cold because he never called Jane back. For 4yrs, 9months and 23days Jane kept the promise she made to her mom and she stayed away from guys like Rafael.

In the aftermath of the kiss, Rafael is eager to jump into this new relationship with Jane without even thinking that he just ended his marriage and just the night before Jane broke things off with Michael .The next morning after the kiss he calls and shows up at Jane’s house and before she could even say anything he utters the words that would make any girl forget that she’s having second thoughts.

 “Before things go further, I wanna do things the right way and take you on a date.”

Seriously, could Rafael Solano be any sweeter. When he tried to lean in for a kiss, it would have been another perfect magical moment between them but Jane stopped it. She just couldn’t shake all the drama, like them being from two different worlds, the fact that he’s still married to crazy Petra, the baby and her breakup with Michael. We have Xiomara warning Jane that she shouldn’t go down this path and we also have Jane’s conscience weighing heavy on her. She knows that there is something between her and Rafael. It’s a feeling that she describes as them possibly being meant to be but she doesn’t want to act on those feelings

Now let’s discuss Petra’s dilemma. Last week Ivan showed up to Petra’s room for his $250K and she knocked him out after he attacked her. Now Petra and Magda are holding him hostage. Her dilemma is that either she kills him or let’s him go but if she lets him go he’ll run to Milos, who apparently is scarier than Ivan. Petra’s so desperate to get her hands on this money that first she goes to Lachlan, who turns her down because he doesn’t want to get burned twice. She then devises this plan to gain Ivan’s trust, which at first I thought was an accident. She somehow saw Ivan’s peanut allergy bracelet and uses that knowledge to poison and then save his life.  This was like total genius because now he’s forever thankful. Petra then goes back to Lachlan and this time she takes her mother’s advice and uses what she was given. Petra sleeps with Lachlan and in return he gives her 350K and she gives him damning evidence that will end Rafael and he’ll get control of the hotel.

There’s a new man in town and his name is Marco. He’s a single dad, ex pro soccer player and he has his eyes on Xiomara thanks to his little daughter Eva, who takes Xiomara’s dance classes. Since Rogelio and Xiomara aren’t together anymore because Xiomara doesn’t want to complicate his relationship with Jane she’s trying to move on.  They are both trying to move on but it’s hard because they both love each other. Rogelio is stressing out. He’s dramatic and just being over the top about everything like his dinner with Jane. Somehow he runs into Xiomara at The Marabella and they both agree to double date and it is just a disaster. Rogelio tries to embarrass Marco but it fails because he’s actually an amazing man who loves his daughter. He then gets drunk and ruins a moment between Xiomara and Marco. He’s too drunk to drive himself home so he ends up spending the night on Xiomara’s couch and drunkenly confesses that he was very jealous of Marco. I really don’t see them staying apart for too long. They love each way too much.

Later that night at the club Jane and her friends are celebrating their co-workers birthday and Rafael, who is an investor in the club, also happens to be there because he got them on the list. Originally, it was suppose to sort of be a date night for them but because of events that transpired earlier when Michael found the flowers from Rafael to Jane and a note that read, “Even though it’s not a date, I’m still going to kiss you again tonight,” Rafael decided to respect Jane’s wishes and give her space. However, when Jane got to the club and saw Rafael surrounded by women and then she saw some girl lick his neck, Rafael knew he had to put it all out there or else he would lose Jane forever. Rafael told Jane that he wanted to be with her, raise their baby together and he promised her things won’t get complicated with Petra because he’s divorcing her. He really put his heart out on the line and when Jane saw this all her fears were put to rest and she threw caution to wind and decided to go for it with Rafael. That night Rafael and Jane spent the night together. They first went to Target and shopped for all of Jane’s favorites and then they spent the night reminiscing about the past, spilling childhood secrets and talking about baby names. They ended up falling asleep together under the stars by the fire and in my book this was the most romantic night ever. I just love Rafael and Jane together. They always have magical moments when they’re together.

I just love watching Jane The Virgin. In last nights episode we saw a new and bolder side to Jane’s character. I love that she’s taking charge of her life and taking some risks along the way. I also love the nuns at her school. They are up to no good. It’s so funny how they’re advertising Jane as some type of fertility miracle to bring people into the church. Michael, on the other hand is totally losing points in my book. Why did he have to hook up with his partner? I know that he’s frustrated but if he wants to get back at Jane for being with Rafael this is not the way. Rogelio threatening Rafael was golden. Who knew Rogelio could be so scary. Rafael you better watch out because if you hurt Jane Rogelio is coming after you. Lastly, Rafael getting fired and then having to go to Mexico City was strange. I know Petra told Lachlan something that could ruin Rafael but him going to Mexico City in a hurry is just suspicious. What do you guys think that is all about?

Jane The Virgin returns Monday December 8th @ 9pm.


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Why do you think Rafael is going to Mexico City?

Do you think Jane will find out that Michael slept with his partner?