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Rita Ora-Grateful

Yesterday Grateful received an Oscar Nomination for Best Original Song and since then I’ve been obsessed with this song. I remember when I saw Beyond The Lights with my friends and the movie told the story of Noni Jean, a girl who had it all but with the pressures of having it all she almost committed suicide but thankfully Kaz saved her life that night in so many ways. He helped her rediscover herself. He helped her believe in herself and he helped her find her song. This movie was so beautiful. It started off so dark but throughout the movie the beauty of the story shined bright. This is a movie I think is a must see. It shows you the dark side of fame and how it can really destroy a person and if you don’t have someone in your corner who sees the real you life in the spotlight can be very lonely. I absolutely loved the soundtrack for this movie. Another one of my favorite songs besides Rita Ora’s “Grateful” is Cynthia Erivo- Fly Before You Fall. Fly Before You Fall is such a beautiful song and the first time I heard this song I broke down because it literally spoke to me. You can take a listen to Fly Before You Fall below. Happy Friday darlings ♥

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    Love the intense beauty of your song choices here!