14 Days Of Love

Day 5 of 14

On the day 5 of the “14 Days Of Love” I share with you A Love Letter To Myself. I’ve wanted to do a Dear Me letter for the longest time but I never fully knew what to write. I believe that writing letters to yourself  is very therapeutic and love letters are just a reminder to love yourself a little more. Have you guys ever written love letters or even letters to yourself? I would love to know and I hope you guys enjoy my letter ♥

A Love Letter To Myself

Dear Me,

We have been together for the past 23 years and honestly it’s been one hell of a ride but guess what I still love you and I love the life you live. You’re wise, you’re strong and you’re emotional. You love life and people dearly and that’s what makes you beautiful. You’re constantly thinking, you’re a dreamer and a lover of life. You take a lot of things personal and it’s a good and also a bad thing that you do. Listen it’s okay to make mistakes and to sometimes be unsure and uncertain. Right now it’s okay to be a little selfish with your time you’re young and have no responsibilities but never forget to help people and be that ear they need in times of trouble. Treat yourself with the utmost respect at all times. At times you might feel like crying. I say cry because crying is the best way to let go of the pain and also relieve some built up tension. Never let people’s silent criticism get the best of you. Love yourself wholeheartedly. Treat your body like the temple it is. Learn to trust and believe in yourself and others. Trust your judgments and instincts. Do more for the people around you. Stop focusing on the things you don’t have and focus on what you have in your life today. Make the most of the talents bestowed upon you. Sometimes you get discouraged about the things in life that you haven’t experienced yet and guess what it’s simply not your time yet. Don’t let what you don’t have fuel the way you think, act and feel. I love you and you should to.