14 Days Of Love: Why Being Single Is Okay + 5 Reasons To Love Yourself

Valentine’s day is coming soon. That means all shops will be overflowing with hearts, chocolate and pink stuff. That’s great for couples, but if you’re single it’s just a reminder you currently don’t have anyone. Is that bad? Not at all!

Lets get this clear; Being single doesn’t mean you’re worth any less than the people who are in a relationship. It doesn’t mean you’re less attractive or less awesome. It just means you’re not in a relationship. So now lets move onto something way more interesting than your relationship status which is: You!

Being single comes with a certain amount of freedom you wouldn’t otherwise have. You get to find out more about yourself and you can choose your own path without being influenced by the needs of others. It also comes with a great opportunity: You get to love yourself a little more, before you let someone else love you. Need some convincing to start loving yourself? Here are 5 reasons to do just that.

5 Reasons To

  1. There is only one of you

Sounds a little cheesy doesn’t it? The truth remains the same though: There is only one of you on this planet and that makes you absolutely amazing. It also makes you something to be cherished. Something unique.

  1. You have the power

Think of a goal you really want to reach and now imagine reaching that goal. The only person who is capable of getting you there is you. You have all the power in the world right at your fingertips, and sure some things might take time, but without your own effort nothing is ever going to happen.

  1. You are worthy

This is something not many people realize about themselves. The problem with this way of thinking is that a. people usually get stuck in a rut if they think they’re worthless and b. It’s very, very wrong. No one is worthless. Ever. You are worthy of every single good thing in your life and none of the bad.

  1. It’s okay to be different

We live in a judgemental world with a society that tries to push people to just act normal, be normal, stay normal. What is normal though? How do we define normal? Is anyone even normal? Fun fact: Because society keeps changing, so do the rules of what is considered normal. Some things that were normal decades ago get you labelled as a loony right now. That means that no matter it’s impossible to actually be “normal,” since normal is an ever-changing view. Just let normal go and be yourself.

  1. You are allowed to fail

Ever felt extreme pressure due to work or school or even your family, because they kept pushing you to do what they wanted you to do? Here’s something you should know: You are allowed to fail, just as you’re allowed to say no to some things. Only do things if you think they’re worth your time and effort, and once you do them don’t be afraid to fail.

The key take away from this post? It’s completely okay to be single and to show yourself some love!




  • I’m married now but did not mind being single in the past. So being single is for sure OK and yes everybody needs to love themselves. Great reason you provided to love yourself, this goes for everyone whether you are single or in a relationship. Actually somebody very wise once told me, you cannot expect anybody to love you if you do not even love yourself.

  • Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com

    Great post. I’m married but when I wasn’t I loved being single and didn’t mind it one bit! I also love myself and am not ashamed to! Loving yourself is very important and I think more people need to realize that and love themselves too!

  • Michelle Hwee

    Definitely very inspirational! I didn’t really quite have a Valentine but I did have my family. This is such a great post to feel wonderful about ourselves and the way we view society. We should all love ourselves for who we are and now who we’re supposed to be. Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Jennifer Juro

    I agree with all this even if you are married. If you don’t love yourself there is not much
    space as a couple to grow as well. Loving
    me is something I struggle with quite often.

  • Courtney

    I’m married but omg 100% agree with this. You have to love yourself first before you will ever have a successful relationship. As much as I love being married, I also loved my time when I was single. I learned so much I those years!! And was able to grow as a person 🙂

  • I love this post! I was never really a fan of Valentine’s Day when I wasn’t single. Why waste money and spend all that work into one day, you should love people year around. Anyways, I was gonna make a post like this. I even started the post, but then started Netflix and never really went back to it. This post is amazing! I’m all about self-love self worth post lately!

  • I never cared that I was single. I had my son when I was 19 and never dated anyone until a few months before his 7th Birthday, which was just in January. I saw it so many times where people would date and bring guys/girls around their kids and at the end if it didn’t work, the kids were the only ones really hurt. I love everything about this post! I think people feel like they have to find someone, they have to get married and have the house with the white picket fence. For me, I don’t care. I am 26 and just now dating again. lol Now I am sitting here like hmm, why didn’t I just stay single? lol

  • Nicole E.

    I love this, especially as someone who was a single mom for a while. I think these are great messages for anyone, though. We should all take a moment to realize that as long as we love ourselves, we will always have at least one Valentine!

  • Delia @ Happy Blogger Plaza

    I love this post, all points so well said! I believe this applies to any situation, regardless of being single or not. You need to love yourself to be happy and be able to love others 🙂

  • MJ

    Love your reasons to love yourself. I also agree that these rules apply no matter your relationship status. If you don’t love yourself how can you love someone else or expect someone else to love you. Love starts from within.

  • Amber this is a great post. I also did a similar post for Vday on how I re-evaluated the definition of love and also gave tips to people who are single. I am currently still single and yes I have my moments that I dont like it, but it is a freedom I love about it and know that a relationship isnt a validation of my existence. I have worth within myself and it will be great once I find love again!

  • Love this <3