Music On Repeat

Music On RepeatToday, I’m excited to announce my new series “Music On Repeat.” For the longest time I’ve wanted to start a music series on my blog where I can post my favorite songs more regularly. Before I use to do a monthly playlist but I always felt that my list was too long and there were too many songs I used to listen to in a month’s span and one single blog post just wasn’t enough space to share all my favorite songs. My new series “Music On Repeat” will appear often on my blog. You guys will probably see me a new “Music On Repeat” every week or even twice a week. It all depends on how much I love a particular song. Today I am sharing with you guys three of the songs I have on repeat and just can’t stop playing. Hope you guys enjoy and I would love to know in the comments what you guys are listening to. I want to discover some more music and who knows maybe I’ll add some of your suggestions to “Music On Repeat” series. Enjoy ♥

Tori Kelly Nobody Love

Ella Henderson-Yours

Ellie Goulding- Love Me Like You Do

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Tori Kelly-Nobody Love

Ella Henderson-Yours

Ellie Goulding- Love Me Like You Do

  • Nice songs list! I particularily like Elli Goulding, she has some awesome tracks 🙂

    • Yes!! Ellie Goulding’s voice is one of my favorites. I could listen to her music all day ♥

  • Nicole E.

    Very cool feature, it’s always interesting to learn what others listen to! I don’t think I’ve heard those songs before.

  • chubskulit

    I didn’t know Tori Kelly till now but I do love this music video. Ella Henderson and Ellie Goulding are my new favorites.

    • Omg tori kelly is amazing. You should listen to more of her music on youtube

  • I think music on repeat would also be a great way to promote your favorite songs. It would also be a good way to entertain your readers.

  • All good songs, I love the Ellie Goulding song, my daughter plays it all the time. I usually listen to the music on my iPhone, which has just about everything you can imagine!

    • I def know what you mean. I love the iPhone for having such an amazing music app however these days i’ve been obsessing over Spotify on my iPhone and your daughter has amazing taste in music 🙂

  • I really like a lot of Ellie Goulding’s songs. She has a fresh and original feel. One of my favorites was “Lights.”

    • omg i feel everyone loved that song. I think you might like her song Beating Heart ♥

  • Cindy

    What great songs to listen to on this rainy here. My fav is Love me like you do. Such a good beat and great lryics!

    • I know love me like you do is one of my favorites right now ♥

  • Jennifer Juro

    I love her song Lights I had not heard these yet! I love finding new songs for my Ipod!

    • You know I wasn’t a fan of her song Lights but then a yr later I was so obsessed with it. If you have Spotify definitely check out the rest of her music. She did a song for the Divergent movie called Beating Heart ahh love it. And did you know she sang at the royal wedding for William and Kate ♥

  • Girl, you are smokin’ and I’ve got to have you come over to my blog on Mondays for Monday’s Music Moves Me and bring your groove on over to share! Love, love, love these tunes. Tori Kelly is new to me, but she won’t be anymore I’ve got to get this one, and Ella I remember from X-Factor. Wow, she has really gone far and she’s only 16… Truly I hope to see you on Monday. We have themes every other week you can find it in my side bar, but then every other week we have Freebies where you can post what you like. Dang girl, you’ve just got to join us! Have a great week! HUGS I’m now following all your social networks I can find. Hope you’ll do the same when and if you stop by! Sure hope you do! Nice to meet you.

  • sharon

    That’s a great idea. A blog where you post music that you like and enjoy.

  • I am in love with these songs!!! What awesome messages too! Thanks for sharing!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    This is an awesome idea. These are all great songs. I think I like Love Me Like You Do is my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  • Ellie Goulding’s song is a surefire hit. Thanks Mr. Grey! 🙂 Love the tempo of it though. Perfect!

    • Hahaha I heard it Love me like you do was for that 50 Shades Of Grey movie! I still have to watch it lol

  • Hilary

    Oh I love those songs, thanks for posting them. I have wanted to watch the music videos. Love them!

  • Love Tori Kelly! And thanks for sharing – I find it harder and harder to search for new music – so this is perfect!

    • Thanks Jacob! I saw her in concert two years ago in Boston. So excited for her new album this spring 🙂

  • Oh gosh- Love Me Like You Do plays daily here -_- I haaaaated it at first and, as it’s always on our station, it’s started to grow on me. Quite a lot, actually haha. I’m now a fan 😛
    I’m really feeling Sugar by Maroon 5 lately.

    • lol omg me too! At first I was like urgh this song again but now i’m in love with this song lol ♥