YSL Influenster VoxBox Review

Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara

I love getting new products to try out and when I found out I was getting the VIP YSL VoxBox I was overjoyed. I’m not really a mascara person and I only wear makeup in the spring and summer so the newly re-launched Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils arrived at the perfect time. I am loving this YSL Mascara. The brush is perfect and it doesn’t hold to much product so that when you’re applying it doesn’t clump at all. I only used one coat of the mascara since my eyelashes are already full and don’t really need mascara to help it appear fuller. However, I noticed that after application and once it dried my eyelashes looked a lot livelier if you understand what I mean. I also think this mascara has a little fragrance to it. It smells really good. I love the packaging. Gold is my one of my favorite colors and you will also see from the pictures below that my nails match the mascara. This was one of my first designer mascaras. When I do buy mascara I normally use Buxom from Sephora and I find the YSL Mascara gives me the same effect also. The YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara retails for $32 and I think for the brand the price isn’t too bad. I definitely plan on wearing this all the time. Hey I got it free so I better use it. Can’t wait to give you guys an updated review once I’ve used it a lot more. Have you guys tried the newly re-launched YSL Mascara or any other YSL products?


 “I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”

  • I’ve heard NOTHING but EXCELLENT reviews on the YSL Mascara! I’m not a huge makeup person (I only really wear it when I’m going somewhere fancy or going out,) but I LOVE mascara! I have naturally long eyelashes so I love adding a hint of mascara to lengthen them even more <3

  • Fi Ni Neachtain

    I’ve only ever tried YSL eye shadows and lipsticks but they are great. I love the packaging on their products, so luxurious, just like the mascara you got 🙂

  • Christina Amore

    I love the Buxom line from Sephora too! Generally with mascara I tend to buy the cheap stuff, but I will check this one out, thanks!

    • Yes the Buxom line is my favorite at Sephora. I love their packaging 🙂

  • I’ve never tried this one before. It’s really cool that this mascara has a fragrance to it. The fact that no clumping happened makes it sound great too.

    • Yes it smells so nice. Wish you all could smell it lol

  • I personally think $32 for mascara is too pricey even for a well known brand, I so hope one day i will get a voxbox

    • You haven’t gotten one yet. The trick is to log into your account often make sure your social media accounts are connected, review products you’ve bought and Also answe the “snaps” they are like mini surveys 🙂

  • Liz Leiro (CaliforniaPretty)

    I’ve never tried any of the YSL mascaras but this packaging is lovely. My go-to mascaras are from Maybelline and Rimmel mostly because I don’t see the difference with pricey mascaras 🙁 Having straight lashes makes it difficult to use a heavy formula. I look forward to your more in-depth review!

    • Honestly I’m the same. I will spend the money on foundations and powders but not mascara and eyeliner

  • Ricci

    I’m so jealous!! What a great Vox Box!! I would love to have bean able to try this one!!

  • YSL is one brand I have never tried for some reason! I love MAC as a go to and I always wear false lashes instead of mascara as they make less mess if I am sentimental!

  • owensmom

    I haven’t tried this brand, but I am always looking for a formula I love with a good wand. I hate having to brush clumps or excess off of my lashes.

  • Penny @ pennyspassion.blogspot

    It would be great to try this mascara! There are so many new mascaras out there. Glad to hear about this one.

  • YSL is a really good brand. This one is really handy and comes in nice packaging.

  • Angela Christoper

    I’ve tried YSL mascaras and that’s great brand and I love it.

  • Jennifer Juro

    Mascara is the only makeup I wear on a regular basis!! This sounds like a great one to try though!

  • chubskulit

    I have just recently been into wearing mascara. I have never tried a YSL brand but this sounds like a fabulous one.

  • I love when Voxbox sends us awesome stuff! That mascara looks beautiful!

  • Influenster really makes great influence at the fashion and beauty niche! I mean, it really connects the bloggers and the brands in a more convenient way.

  • April @ Everyday Fitness and N

    Mascara is about the only makeup I ever wear. I’m not sure I could justify spending that much on it though!

  • I haven’t tried YSL mascara but I’m loving the container it came in. Shiny and gold!

  • First of all I hate clumps! Drives me up a wall. When I worked in the office I use to go all out for the make-up scene, but now I’m disabled and work out of my home. I really don’t go into the make-up scene to heavy any more.

  • Oh I would have loved to get this box! YSL is a wonderful brand!