How To Pick The Perfect Roommate

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With my brother graduating from high school on Thursday, he’ll soon be leaving home to attend college at the ending of the summer and I started thinking about college roommates and my experience. Honestly, my experience with my roommate at college was terrible. I went off to the University of Hartford and I was so happy, optimistic and excited about my life at college. Unfortunately, all that changed when I realized how annoying and inconsiderate this girl was. After her “true self” was revealed I just couldn’t be her friend and honestly, I regret not requesting a new roommate the moment I realized that she was the roommate from hell. She was nice girl but she just had a lot of bad habits, she very loud at crazy hours of the night and early morning and was very inconsiderate. I decided to leave the University Of Hartford due to financial reason but mostly because of my roommate. I can honestly tell you guys that it was depressing being her roommate. I was always unhappy and angry and thankfully I had other friends on campus that were generous enough to let me stay at their dorms whenever I wanted but in the end I just had to leave. It became so unbearable for me.

My advice to you soon to be college students is to:

  1. Get to know your college roommate
  2. Become friends with them before you leave for school
  3. Get comfortable with them by using FaceTime, Texting, Phone Calls, Skype, etc.
  4. Send each other a list of things you like to do, and also a list of things you find annoying and unbearable even if it has nothing to do with sharing a room with someone.
  5. Be open and honest
  6. Set boundaries and rules
  7. This may seem stupid but let your roommate know what time you get up in the morning and what time you go to bed at night to avoid interruptions.
  8. Make sure you have headphones so if your roommate is trying to sleep, study or isn’t feeling well, you will not be disturbing them.
  9. Be respectful of each other’s property
  10. Be courteous and also most importantly respect each other.

I really hope these tips are helpful to you soon to be college students. I know there are many more tips out there to share and I’ll provide you guys with some helpful websites and resources you can use. College is fun and you should definitely enjoy the most of it. I really wish I had that opportunity to experience the college life but sometimes life and people get in the way. My final tip for you is after getting to know, if you feel like you guys aren’t a good match go to your school’s housing office and request a new roommate or just get a single if you feel like you can’t deal with having a roommate. College is supposed to be memorable and you don’t want your memories to be tainted by bad stuff. Enjoy the next four years of college <3

  • These are great tips! I seriously lucked out in college! I only had a random roommate for one semester freshman year, than sophomore year I lived in an apartment with my best friends and junior-senoir year I had my own room! I know your brother is going to love college <3

  • What a great list to highlight and sometimes despite seemingly picking the right roommate, it is not until something seriously happens or someone shows their true colors that you really know who the person is! They say you don’t know someone unless you live with them!

  • Robin Rue

    My step son just graduated high schoool and is going off to college in September. He is going to the same school as a bunch of his friends, so they all put in to room together.

    • Well that’s amazing! At least he doesn’t have to room with a complete stranger

  • Michele

    Suddenly rooming with a total stranger can be difficult and if you can’t over come your differences then a room change is definitely in order. Getting to somewhat know them beforehand is a great idea–just remember people don’t always tell the truth on social media!

    • Totally agree Michele people don’t always tell the truth over social media that’s why i think it’s so important to either Skype, call or even meet up in person if you can

  • Megan Elford

    I lucked out with an AMAZING roommate for my first year at university. She was great! We didn’t get to choose though, and we didn’t even know who we’d be with until the first day. The second year, we all moved off campus and I picked not-so-great roommates. The third year, my original roommate asked me to move in with them, and it was such a great year! Your roommate(s) really can make all the difference!

  • Mykidsguide

    These are great tips. Living with someone you really don’t know can be a nightmare.

  • awesome post! When I was entering college I was so nervous that my roommate would turn out to be that “roommate from hell” but I was lucky enough to become very close with my roommate and she was nothing like I had worried about! xx, kenz

  • I got really lucky with my roommates. I had already kind of known them (and they actually moved in because their random roommates were horrible) but we definitely got to know each other better living together.

  • Awesome tips!! I remember my first college roommates…urg…that was a challenge that I have no desire to repeat!

  • It would be awesome if roommates actually followed this advice unfortunately that’s rarely the case!

  • Lovely Payoute

    I know I don’t do well with roommates so in undergrad I went with a single. When I did have to get a roommate because of a flood in my room, I made sure that we had different schedules. So while she was in class I got some alone time in the room.

  • It’s really difficult to have an inconsiderate room mate. They can really give you an unpleasant experience. Go for someone you can get along with.

  • Cai

    Great tips for college students. Everyone needs to be extra careful as it’s hard to find trustworthy people nowadays!

  • chubskulit

    This post brings back memories of my college life. I lived with ten girls and it was a lot of fun!

  • You got great tips! Sniff, I never had a roommate because I studied part time. I really missed having that “College” experience.

  • Great tips. I had a lot of roommates in camps and while traveling when I was in high school…and some were much better than others. Getting a good match with your roommate makes for much happier days for sure.

  • Stephanie

    This is a nice list to have to help someone be sure they don’t end up living with a crazy person (anyone see Single White Female?) Thanks for sharing!