Dove Quench Absolute Review

Dove Quench AbsoluteA couple of weeks ago, while out food shopping at Stop & Shop I stumbled across the Dove Quench Absolute Line for coarse/curly hair and I was so intrigued that Dove actually had a line for girls with naturally curly, coarse hair. I’ve always loved using Dove products like the bar soaps and body wash. I knew they carried a line of Shampoos and Conditioners, but I never was really interested in trying them out. However, I had just come back from vacation and my hair was starving for some TLC so I wanted something new to try. I’ve always loved how moisturized and soft my skin was after using Dove’s body soap so I was really curious to see if this Dove Quench Absolute Line would have the same effect on my hair that was suffering from a bad case of dryness. I decided to try out the Dove Quench Absolute Shampoo, Conditioner, and the Restoration Mask and the results were so impressive that I am officially a fan and I’ll definitely be buying again.

The Dove Quench Absolute Shampoo & Conditioner

Dove Quench AbsoluteThe Dove Quench Absolute Shampoo has a luxurious feel to it. It’s so thick and it smells so good. While shampooing, I noticed that the shampoo lathered really well and it really worked its way into my hair. After rinsing it out, I noticed a couple of things, which I have to say made this Dove shampoo a winner for me. The shampoo didn’t dry out my hair at all. My hair felt really clean but it was also so soft and moisturized. While running my hands through my hair, it was so silky. I’m not really a shampoo person because most of the times when I get in the shower I mostly co-wash my hair with conditioner and olive oil, but this shampoo deserves a Gold medal. The Dove Quench Absolute Conditioner gave me the same results like any other conditioner I used, but I still loved it. Β It gave me that nice moisturized feeling I love when conditioning my hair and the smell I am obsessed with the smell of this conditioner. Did I tell you that this conditioner has such an amazing lingering smell? I conditioned my hair on Monday and by Friday it still smelled so good, even after wetting my hair every day and putting hair oil in it.

The Dove Quench Absolute Intense Restoration Mask

Dove Quench AbsoluteThe Dove Quench Absolute Restoration Mask did it for me. I have to confess that this product is a little miracle, worker. For this one, you have to apply it and leave it in for 3-5 mins and it’s so worth it. This deep conditioner felt so good in my hair. I loved how it left my hair feeling even more moisturized and soft and while I was combing out my hair I noticed that there was no shedding at all. I found that this mask is the best for prepping your hair before styling. It has such a rich texture that my hair really responded to it well.


Would you like to see more reviews like this? Also, what are some of your favorite hair products? Do you have any tips for girls with dry hair? I would love to know in the comments below.

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  • That hair mask sounds so cool! I have never done one before. Maybe I will give the Dove one a try πŸ™‚

    • You should really try it. You’ll definitely see a difference in your hair after. What type of hair do you have?

  • I love hair masks! So hydrating! I love Dove products, but I haven’t seen this one before. Looks great!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  • I would love to see more reviews like this! I’m a beauty product junkie so I enjoy learning about the newest stuff!

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  • Ashley Vickney

    I’ve never tried one, but I really need to try it after this post!

  • I love hair masks and had no idea that Dove made one!
    I use the macadamia deep conditioner once a week.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

  • This sounds great- I just love Dove products! I will have to try the deep conditioning treatment, after all of the heat and sun damage lately, I need it! Awesome review!!

  • A hair mask, I have never heard of those before!!! I may need to try this Dove one out!!

    • Hair Masks are amazing for your hair. A lot of people make their own hair masks. Look up a couple videos on Youtube if you’re into DIY Hair Masks

  • Jessica Grace

    I’ve never tried a Dove shampoo or conditioner. But these sound amazing! I’m sold. Although I don’t have curly hair, it might help with the dryness (a problem I can never seem to get away from!)

    • I saw they had other shampoos and conditioners for girls with non-curly hair. You should check either CVS or Walgreens or any drug store to find the right one for your hair.

  • I didn’t even know they made these products! I love them!

    Nicole // Chronicling Home

    • I know right they have a whole line of hair care products and I’ve been hearing some good things about them so far πŸ™‚

  • I need to try the restoration mask. I love trying new hair products and my hair is so dry and damaged!

  • Savannah Ward

    Do you know if these products have sulfate in them? I have VERY curly hair and I’m super interested! The only problem is that sulfate makes me break out all over my neck and back (where my hair touches, basically) in a nasty rash /:

  • I haven’t seen these yet, but they sound great!

  • Kayleigh Adam
  • Courtney Dunsmore

    I’m tempted to try these! I have curly coarse hair myself (3b), and am always looking for new products. I wonder if they’re cone and sulfate free?

    • Sadly, I just checked the ingredients and it has sulfate in it πŸ™ that’s the only downside of this product

  • I’ve never tried a shampoo and conditioner from Dove, but I absolutely love their dry shampoo and hairspray! Aren’t hair masks the best?!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  • Lauren Ashley

    I absolutely LOVE anything by dove!


    The Fashionista’s Diary

  • I am so happy to see this! I found this line about a month ago and it’s SO amazing! I absolutely love their products in this line! They also have a leave in Creme Serum too which helps some with de-frizzing your hair and keeping your curls “together” throughout the day, but if you have semi-long hair (like I do) it can get expensive since there’s only maybe 6-7 uses in the bottle. When I do use it though, it’ll keep my curls together for a good 2-3 days at a time.

    Oddly enough while I can find the serum no problem, I can’t seem to find the mask anywhere. (Maybe I’ll just have to buy it with your referral link ;))

    • Thanks so much πŸ™‚ I heard about the serum but i couldn’t find it at all πŸ™

  • I might need to try this! I love that more companies are catering to girls with textured hair, it makes me so happy!!

    xo, Alicia | Alicia Tenise

  • Dove is great brand and I love their all product too!!

  • I love Dove shampoo. It always makes my hair feel soft and smooth! I’m glad it worked for you too!

  • I’m such a fan of Dove. All their products are SO gentle yet effective, especially for sensitive skin!

    Diary of a Debutante

  • Allison Ellzey

    OMG where has this been all my life?!

  • I LOVE Dove and everything the brand stands for. I have switched many of my personal care/beauty products over to Dove in the past year because I believe in what the brand represents and I trust the products.

    Anyway, as a fellow curly-wavy-thick-coarse-dry hair-having blogger, I was so glad to see your review of the Dove mask, specifically! I already use the shampoo and conditioner and love them, but I’ve been waiting to buy the mask. Now I think I just need to try it out because it will be worth it! I’ll probably never use any other line of hair care for my curls!

    Melissa | These words are my own.

  • I haven’t tried this before! Must give it a go!!

  • I am definately more of a dove skin care fan, the hair stuff makes my hair so dry so I try to avoid it at all costs! lovely review though! xo

  • Erica Price

    I think this could be just the thing for dry summer hair. I love Dove products.

  • Lisa Ryan

    I’ve been a fan of Dove’s shampoo and conditioner ranges in the past – my hair is fine and moderately oily, so I’m still on a hunt for THE shampoo/conditioner to make it amazing, but until then they’re definitely a good pick. I really like the idea of the mask, I’m wondering does it come for other hair types!

  • emmaand3

    I love dove and especially their campaigns for women and girls. Great brand to work with i imagine.

  • Courtney Inkpen

    I just started using Dove products for my hair and it has done wonders! I use a lot of heat on my hair, so dove has really helped re-hydrating it