It’s FriYay!

FriYayHappy FriYAY guys!! I can’t believe we’ve made it through yet another week. Honestly, I can proudly say I am so proud of myself. I blogged a total of three times this week and that for me is pretty huge since I blog once a week or every other week. My week was pretty amazing. I got that new job I was interviewed for last Saturday, which means I get to go shopping and buy some new work clothes. Since, I’m also a nanny I had the longest weekend ever Friday-Tuesday, thanks to the Jewish holiday. Another fun thing that happened this week was my internship interview with the CEO of the company. I was really nervous, but I think I did a pretty amazing job; he was very impressed with how much I knew and what I could do. So I’m hoping to hear back from then anytime soon. Other than that, the rest of my week was really quiet. My dad continues to make my day with our crazy phone conversations and my niece’s blog that I helped her launch is starting to come together so wonderfully. So, guys how was your week? Anything cool and fun happened this week? I would love to know but before you go, check out some of my favorite things that I loved about this week.


Curved Arrows Cuff BraceletA couple of weeks ago, I found this amazing jewelry company and I am literally in love with all their pieces. I love that they have pieces for almost every occasion. The best thing about Shinymix is that whenever you buy a piece of jewelry from them, once you refer a friend either by email or on Facebook, you get 20% off you next purchase. They also have other cool promos going on like this week they are offering 25% off all rings and bracelets with the promo code “Week2” and I just had to buy something else from them that’s should be arriving in the mail soon. This company is so amazing and you really won’t be disappointed because you get good quality jewelry for a very inexpensive price.

♥The Mindy Project On Hulu♥

The Mindy Project

I started watching the new season on Hulu and I am in love. I was never really a fan of the show when it showed on Fox but now that it’s on Hulu I just can’t stop watching.

♥Selena Gomez- Same Old Love♥

I have one word about this song and it’s LOVE. I freaking love this song. Selena Gomez always has some fun, catchy tunes and I love this new Revival era that she’s in. I’m definitely looking forward to her new album.

♥Ariana Grande on Fallon♥

Did you guys happen to check out Ariana Grande’s on Jimmy Fallon this week doing the Wheel Of Musical Impressions? My advice to you all is to watch her impersonations and get blown away. This girl’s talent just blows me away every time.

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