TV Talk: Jane The Virgin (Ch. 23)

Jane The VirginJane The Virgin is back!!! I swear this was the longest hiatus ever. Last season, if you remember Jane The Virgin ended the season with one of the biggest cliffhangers. (Jane’s baby was kidnapped) The season opened up with Jane and Rafael sitting in her hospital room going through pictures on their phone for the birthing announcement. In comes the “actual” nurse who announces she’s here to take Mateo for his hearing test. The only thing is Mateo already left with another nurse for the same test. After talking with the nurse, they realized that Mateo has in fact been kidnapped and Jane officially goes into panic mood but not in any normal way like omg my child has been kidnapped what do I do mood. Jane surprisingly held it together even though she was freaking out in her own little way. I had to laugh a bit seeing how Jane was so concerned about the schedule she had set in place for Mateo and if she didn’t get him back he would miss a feeding and diaper change. Somewhere in a bar Michael is drinking his sorrows away when he gets a call from Sin Rostro that she has kidnapped Mateo and wants to trade him for this brooch, which we later found out from Nadine has all the identities of all the criminals Sin Rostro helped changed their identities. I was actually so mad that Sin Rostro kidnapped a new-born baby for a damn piece of jewelry. How stupid right? Anyway long story short Michael, Rafael and Jane all teamed up to find the brooch that apparently Luisa had. I swear Luisa needs to get over Rose. Once they found the brooch that ended up in the pool filter they made the trade and Mateo was finally returned to Jane & Rafael. Once all the craziness from the kidnapping died down we actually got to witness Michael being the bigger man. I am Team Rafael, but last night’s episode almost tempted me to switch sides until Michael called someone a told them to inform Nadine to ditch her phone. Michael really doesn’t think at all. He just acts.

Petra is a hot mess. She has Rafael’s sperm and she’s wrestling with the idea if she should inseminate herself or not. Honestly, even though Petra can be a bitch at times her character breaks my heart. The episode flashed back to when she was pregnant with Rafael’s baby and we got to see a different side of Petra. It broke my heart to see how she had it all then lost it. Petra was such a mess last night she even called her mother for advice and even talked to Luisa who I am just going to blame right now for all the craziness that going on. Luisa needs to shut her mouth and stop giving people advice. She genuinely tries to fix things, but they always end up going bad. After her little talk with Petra, Petra does the unthinkable and inseminates herself with Rafael’s sperm. This crazy psychopath has lost her mind. Rafael is going to hate her and she’s going to regret doing this. I can just foresee all the pain and hurt she is going to endure due to this decision and honestly it’s Luisa’s fault again. She gave the poor woman false hope.

Can we all just talk about that hug that Rafael gave to Michael? For a second there I thought a bromance was brewing but I know it’s only wishful thinking. Omg and the relationship that Michael and Rogelio have, isn’t it just the best. I love their little bromance and it speaks volumes that Rogelio & Michael have such a bond. The one thing I love about this show is how strong of a bond the Villanueva women have. I just love that we get to witness the love and support these women all have for each other. O I almost forget Xo and Rogelio are married and everyone finally knows. I just wonder if they’ll have it annulled or stay married?

Things are about to get so much crazier on Jane The Virgin this season. So much happened in the first episode and now some mysterious woman who is not Sin Rostro is after Jane. Like how crazy? Can we just bask in this perfect moment? There is also going to a lot of drama pertaining to the matters of the heart. There is clearly a love triangle between Jane, Rafael & Michael and last night’s episode definitely confirmed that Jane loves both Rafael and Michael. I hate love triangles and I wish she would just pick someone or they would introduce a new love interest for Jane.

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Season 2 of Jane The Virgin started off hot and heavy and I really hope they keep up the momentum. What are some of your favorite moments from last night’s episode? What do you want to see this season? Any thoughts on who that mysterious woman was? I want to hear your thoughts bombard me with comments below.