22 Questions

Hey, guys, I’m back after taking a week off from blogging! Lately, my classes have been kicking my butt. My classes this semester are so hard. I can’t wait for a little break. My birthday is next week and I have to work plus do school stuff. Guys, I need all your positive vibes to get me through this semester lol. Anyway, since I’ve been blogging I realized that I’ve never really introduced myself to you guys, so I found this fun little Q&A that I loved and wanted to share with you guys.

22- Questions

  1. Are you named after anyone?

I don’t think so, but I know I’m named after the Christmas song “Feliz Navidad” My name is spelled Felice and throughout high school this one guy would always sing Feliz Navidad whenever he saw me lol!

  1. When was the last time you cried?

I actually can’t remember, which is weird because I cry for a lot of silly reasons like cutting my hand with the knife or stubbing my toe.

  1. Do you have kids?

Oh no, but my job involves taking care of other people’s kids lol!

  1. If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself?

Haha most definitely!!!

  1. Do you use sarcasm a lot?

Lol definitely, especially when I’m trying to annoy people.

  1. Will you ever bungee jump?

UH, I don’t know. Someone would have to make a compelling argument lol.

  1. What’s your favorite cereal?

Hmm, this one is hard. Right now I am loving Honey Nut Cheerios but I love to have Frosted Flakes before bed

  1. What’s your favorite song at the moment?

Right now I am loving Jojo’s song Say Love. It’s so good!! I am also in love with Demi Lovato’s new album. Wildfire is my favorite off her new album.

  1. What is your eye color?

I have brown eyes! So boring lol!!

  1. What’s your favorite show on TV?

I love Scream Queens. The entire cast is bat-shit crazy and I love it!

  1. Favorite scents?

I love the smell Donuts lol!

  1. Summer or winter?

Definitely summer. I hate being cold.

  1. Computer or television?

I prefer my computer. I can basically do everything on it.

  1. What’s the furthest you’ve ever been from home?

I use to live in Trinidad. A little country in the Caribbean.

  1. What attracts you in the opposite sex?

I have to say I love a man with a good sense of humor and he has to have a daring and adventurous side.

  1. Where were you born?

Brooklyn, NYC.

  1. What are your hobbies?

I love to sing. I consider myself a professional shower singer. I also love to write and I’m always watching television lol! Is eating a hobby because I love doing that too lol

18. Do you have any pets?

Sadly, no but when I visit my dad’s house in Florida I claim my sister’s dog Poochie as my own lol! She’s such a cutie and loves when you pet her.

  1. Favorite movie?

I would have to say Love Notes. It’s this little Lifetime movie starring Laura Leighton and Antonio Cupo.

  1. Do you have any siblings?

Yes! My dad was popular in his younger days.

  1. Who is your celebrity crush?

Scott Eastwood. I don’t even have to think about this

  1. What do you want to be when you grow up?

Right now, I’m studying Public Relations but I would someday love to be self-employed and have my own business.

  • Great blog! I love to do little Q&As on my blog. I definitely feel like I know you a little bit better and I got some great show/movie suggestions from this.

  • Wishing you the best of luck with your classes! I also love Scream Queens! AH! Just love it!

    Mikayla | A Seersucker State of Mind.

  • It was fun getting to know you a little better.
    I love Scream Queens too!
    xoxo, Jenny || http://www.breakfastatlillys.com

  • Isn’t Scream Queens a fun show? Every character is so over the top ridiculous which is what makes it so addicting and fun!

  • Cristina on Campus

    I also prefer my computer! I basically have my entire life on it and use it all the time! Loved learning more about you 🙂

  • Lauren Ashley

    OMG YES SCOTT EASTWOOD! Someone asked me that the other day and I said the same thing! He is perfect!!!! Love the comment about your dad… hahaha!



  • Ashley

    Such a fun post! And I am with you on Scott Eastwood…what a hunk!

    xo Ashley

  • Allison Ellzey

    Loved getting know you a bit better!

  • Tiffani Grosser

    These are all so cute! What do you do for work? I’m a nanny, so I feel yah on not having any kids, but always being surrounded by them!

    • Hey Tiffani, this is so funny because I’m also a nanny lol ☺️ It has definitely changed my mind on wanting to have kids. I use to be the girl who wanted to have a baby by 25 but not anymore lol

  • I loved getting to know you better 🙂 I love the smell of donuts, as well 🙂

    XO, SS || Seersucker Sass

  • Honey Nut Cheerios all the way! I love posts like this!

  • I don’t have any pets either but I wish I did and I also love to sing! Thanks for allowing us to learn more about you.

    Kayla | kaylablogs.com

  • Haha loved reading some of your answers, from the guy who would sing to you to Demi’s new album!

  • Haha loved reading some of your answers, from the guy who would sing to you to Demi’s new album!