TV Talk: Recovery Road

Recovery Road

With ABC Family changing its name to Freeform in the new year comes new television shows. One in particular is Recovery Road and it so happens that Hulu has the first three episodes available to watch. After watching all three episodes I am a speechless, emotional wreck. Recovery Road is just wow. I’ve honestly never watched a show that captured the gripping reality of what the disease of addiction really is like. It showcased the reality of what addiction does to someone. It completely changes a person almost making them unrecognizable. It also showcased how blind and ignorant someone could be if they don’t understand how addiction and recovery works. Recovery Road tells the story of a group of people from all different walks of life who share one thing in common they are all battling some form of addiction and it’s so interesting to see how they are all dealing with it in their own way. While watching Recovery Road I honestly didn’t feel like I was watching a scripted television show. The acting felt so real, so raw. Each and every characters’ storyline just hits you with a dose of reality. Recovery Road is the definition of good television. It’s definitely a show that will get you thinking. It will spark conversations and you will definitely want more. The first three episodes were GOLD and I can’t wait for more. ABC Family/Freeform you guys have a winner.

Watch The First Three Episodes of Recovery Road on Hulu or you can watch Recovery Road on January 25th on Freeform at 9pm.