Here Are 3 Ways You Can Achieve Personal Growth & Transformation

If you are anything like me, you are constantly undergoing a process of personal growth and transformation. The truth is, most people feel that this is true for them. You could say that life is nothing but one long process of unfolding over time. One of the main lessons we need to learn in life is what we really are at our core. Regardless of our spiritual beliefs, there are practical things which anyone could benefit from. In this life at least, we may as well try to have as many distinct experiences as possible. After all, the higher the number of different situations you encounter, the more you are likely to learn about yourself. And getting to know yourself is quite possibly the highest goal there is in life. If you are at a loss, at the moment, as to what kinds of things you can do to get to know yourself a little better, then this might help. I have put together this short post to give you a guiding hand. Here are three things you can try your hand at to learn a little more about yourself.

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1. Learn A New Skill

No matter how skilled you already are, there are always other things which you can learn to do. Doing so has many proven benefits, some of which you might not have even considered. The single best thing about learning a skill is that you come to terms with the fact that your abilities are not limited. We are all sometimes guilty of believing limiting things about ourselves. Successfully mastering a new skill gives you some solid evidence that you are capable of achieving things. It really doesn’t matter what it is. The important thing is that you stick to it. But even if you don’t, because you didn’t enjoy it, that’s fine too. It is still one more thing you can say you have tried. It’s all learning. 


2. Write A Book

Most people say that they believe they have a book in them. I think this is probably true. In fact, the number of people who ever get a book out and written is relatively small. This can sometimes make it seem like a mammoth task which is impossible to complete. But the fact is, writing a book need not be the difficult task it appears to be. If you have always wanted to write a book, then remember this. All books are written one page at a time, and yours would be no different. Getting a book down on paper provides you with many significant benefits which you might not have thought of. It is, after all, quite an achievement. What’s more, if you approach a publisher with your book, you will probably feel even better. A company like the fastest growing book publisher Motivational Press just might take you on.sunrise-phu-quoc-island-ocean Source

3. Travel To An Exotic Country

You know what they say: travel really does broaden the mind. It’s true – the great thing about visiting other countries is that you learn more about yourself. In travel, you have to come to terms with the fact that you are not one fixed thing which stays the same. The way you behave changes from situation to situation. Nowhere is this more evident than when you are traveling. The benefit of this is that you come to understand that your qualities are all changeable. You really can be whoever you want to be, no mater what anyone says to the contrary.






  • Michelle Mink

    writing a book is something that i am working on right now. after that i would love to learn a new skill.

    • Yay keep up the good work with the book! Can’t wait to read it 🙂

  • Toni Church

    I have always wanted to write a novel, been a dream of mine since I was a child. I need to learn a new skill too, I am thinking photography!

    • I’ve always wanted to write a series of children’s books or some type of 365 motivational book! I would love to take up photography classes also!

  • Write a book is #1 thing on my bucket list!!!!

  • I would love to write a book! Maybe one day. And I would love to take a pottery class!

  • These are great tips! I’m always up for learning a new skill and constantly finding new ways to improve 🙂

  • Very good tips – especially the last one – love it 🙂

  • So happy to say I’ve done all of these, and I completely agree. They made me feel so fulfilled. I continue to try to learn new things because it’s just so fun! Depending on what you’re learning, of course 🙂

  • All of these things are on my bucket list!

    Alix |

  • I will be going to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam at the end of the year!!!!! 😀

  • These are all great tips! Right now, I’m in the process of writing a book and learning how to hand letter, so all I have left to do is the third one. I would love to travel all over the world someday!

    XO, Brooke

  • I am always trying to learn new skills! I would love to write a book as well!

  • I am traveling to Europe this summer! I am so excited!

  • Adriana

    I’m always looking to travel to as many places as possible!! Love this!

  • Audrey Stowe

    Love #3!!! travel is so important