TV Talk: Younger- Post Truth (Season Premiere Recap)

Younger season 4 premiered last night and omg if you watched Younger last season you know that last night’s premiere episode was HUGE. At the ending of season 3, Josh and Liza broke up. I know sad face!!! He was about propose and then he saw Liza kissing her boss Charles. Now I’m so torn because I love Josh but I also love her DILF boss Charles. Peter Herman you are so dreamy on Younger. Liza decided to take a dose of truth serum and she told Kelsey (Hilary Duff) her secret of not actually being a 26 years old, but a   40 year old divorced mom from New Jersey. Honestly, I was happy she told Kelsey because week after week it was getting really hard to watch Liza go through great lengths to keep this secret. I was stressing so hard LOL! Thank goodness Kelsey knows but omg we still have to deal with her keeping this secret from everyone else at Empirical Press. Naturally, Kelsey didn’t take the news of that big lie all too well. She’s feeling betrayed and making a lot of crazy decision but we’ll take more on that a bit later on.Younger

Now that Liza is feeling liberated and unburdened she wants to come clean to the people that she loves. She almost tells her truth to Charles and Diana but Kelsey stops her. Just imagine if Kelsey didn’t stop Liza from revealing who she really is hmm I wonder what would have happened? Would she have gotten fired? Charles definitely would have definitely felt betrayed since he’s basically in love with Liza. Ahh so many things could have gone wrong if she had told them the truth. I don’t want to think about it! At the EW’s 29 under 29 party, everything seems good between Liza and Kelsey. They’re taking pictures and talking with each other. Liza being the naive, kind soul thinks that Kelsey has forgiven her. Unfortunately, Kelsey admits that she will never forgive Liza and that her heart is forever broken.

Okay now let’s talk about that moment between Liza and Charles. They have so much in common and love how the writer’s are slowly building up to their relationship. The anticipation of them actually being together is just so exciting. When he took her to that event to show her letter that Hemingway wrote Marlene Dietrich and then made the comment that they were simply victims of unsynchronized passion. He perfectly describe the limbo that they’re in. Guys, I love Josh but I have to confess I am #TeamCharles. Charles just competes Liza. He’s such a romantic and I honestly love how the writer’s tease their pending relationship each week. Oh I can’t wait until they actually start dating. Let’s hope it’s after she tells him the truth about who she is because it will suck if he finds out after.

Now let’s get back to that crazy decision Kelsey made. Kelsey moved in with Josh. Now tell me ladies how do you feel about that? Kelsey is an emotional wreck right now and she really isn’t thinking straight because the old Kelsey would have never done that. Nope Nope and Nope! I smell betrayal in the air. This new living arrangement between Kelsey and Josh is going to further damage her relationship with Liza.

Let’s Chat About Younger 

  1. Are you relieved that Kelsey knows about Liza’s secret?
  2. What are some of your predictions for this new season?
  3. What do you think of Kelsey’s new living arrangement?